Hotels in Wisconsin Dells

Updated on February 01, 2009
C.M. asks from Des Plaines, IL
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Hi, can anyone recommend a nice hotel with good waterparks in Wisconsin Dells? We plan on going in mid-July but I want to book now before everything gets sold out. I have heard that the Polynesian is a good place to stay with smalll kids (I have a 4 year old daughter and a little boy who will be one in April) but all of the reviews that I have read about the hotel state that it is really not very clean and is very old and outdated. Any suggestions on where to stay in the Dells? Thanks, Mommas!

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We are leaving for the wilderness tomorrow. It will be our 4th time there. We are staying in Glacier Canyon Lodge, which has 2 bedroom "condos" with a kitchen. We LOVE the wilderness! There's LOTS of great stuff for both little ones and for the grown-ups who like the big exciting waterslides. We go with another family, and that way some of the adults can go off on their own while the others watch the kids, then switch off. We try to go Sun.-Thurs. when possible, because the rooms are a much better deal. We did go once in the summer, and then you have even more waterparks to choose from, indoor and outdoor. Check out their website: Have fun!



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My husband and I go to the dells 3 times a year and we are usually there the 4th of July . We love the great wolfe lodge they offer great kids activites and have great pool and slide area for all ages . The dells has some awesom fire works as well .


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I must agree with Stephanie,we stayed at the Widlerness Hotel and loved it,very clean,fun, cozy.
Can't wait to go again.



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The Wilderness is a great location and we have gone many times! Lots of different rooms, tons of water park space inside and out etc. The restuarant feeds small children free I think! Can get crowded, but our daughter Looooved it and we went as long as we could afford it.
There is another place the Great Wolf Lodge or something like that we have also been guests of family there. They have some suites you can have a kitchen etc so you can give kids breakfast early and not pay a fortune. Both places are wonderful. Have fun

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