Hotel Recommendations in Leavenworth, KS Area

Updated on June 21, 2009
E.P. asks from Sedalia, MO
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We are going to be visiting my husband's family in June and were looking for a nice, affordable hotel to stay at. We usually stay with family members but with our 2 month old, we thought it might be easier to stay in a hotel rather than impose with an infant. We would like one with an indoor pool and preferably closer to Eisenhower Road/ Lansing area. We'd appreciate any opinions on what hotels are good and also which ones to stay way from! We rarely travel and the travel websites aren't much help! It's hard to know what to do! Thanks!

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answers from Kansas City on

I live in Leavenworth and would recommend the Holiday Inn Express. It's close to the area you're interested in and has a pool.

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi E.,

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answers from St. Joseph on

My husband works in Leavenworth at the Fort and I can tell you that the Holiday Inn Express in Lansing is the ONLY descent hotel in the area. Outside of that you would be looking at Platte City (not much better) or North Kansas City/Airport (which is only about 30 minutes from Leavenworth. You could also look at hotels by the Speedway in the Legends shopping district. It's actually located on 435 but is just north of I-70. From Lansing it would be about a 20-30 minute drive again. Great Wolf Lodge is located there along with a Hampton Inn. There are plenty of other things to do at the Legends like shop, movies, Cabeleas (at least fun to look in with all the animals), and TRex restaurant (dinosaur themed by the same people that did Rainforest Cafe...but there are only 2 TRex's in the US).

There are a couple of Bed and Breakfasts in Leavenworth but I don't know if they take children.

BTW- if you stay at Great Wolf other family members can get a day pass to come and play in the waterpark with you all...but only if someone is already staying there.



answers from Kansas City on

Since we live in Olathe I have not stayed in a hotel, but many of our neighbors just love that Great Wolf Lodge that is right by Cabelas and Nebraska Furniture mart. I would imagine that you, your husband and your son would truly LOVE their indoor/pool with the winding slides. I have heard they are a blast! :o)

Also, perhaps there is a quaint bed & breakfast up where you need to stay. Just a thought.

I hope some of this is helpful. Congratulations on the 2nd son! I am sure your 4 year old is quite helpful. 4 year olds just love to please. :o)

Also, Congrats on the new home too!

God has truly blessed you and your family.




answers from Kansas City on

I've never stayed there, but there is a fairly new Holiday Inn Express in Lansing. The Holiday Inn website says $92 to $144 a night, but maybe one of the discount hotel sites could get you in cheaper. I think there is an EconoLodge over there too. Like I said I haven't stayed at either I just recognized the newer Holiday Inn recently. Hope that helps!



answers from Kansas City on

I live in Leavenworth and the ONLY ONE I would recommend is the Holiday Inn Express in Lansing.



answers from Topeka on

By googling "hotels in Leavenworth" the one that looks the most reliable and closest to the side of town that you want to be on is the Holiday Inn has a breakfast and the reliability of the Holiday Inn Name. If you are military you can also get a nice military discount there.
Enjoy your visit...Ft. Leavenworth is a marvelous post...full of beauty and history!!



answers from Kansas City on

Hi! I haven't been in any of them, but my husband used to travel TDY out here before we moved here and he does not recommend the EconoLodge...but we both also noticed the newer Holiday Inn's right at the border of Lansing/Leavenworth on the main thruway, just a bit down from Eisenhower Rd. near a Burger King/Popeyes/Arbys/Dairy Queen...
I think Holiday Inn should have a name to I'd hope it is better quality than some...that's where our families will likely stay this winter when everyone comes at the same time!
Good luck and hope you enjoy your visit!



answers from Wichita on

When my daughter was playing traveling softball in high school, our team often stayed at the Condotel Suites Extended Stay. Its been a couple of years since we were there, but they were always really clean and comfie. They typically had 2-3 bedrooms with stocked (dishes, coffee) kitchens. We would usually only stay 1-2 nights, but its available for longer. Its in Lansing on the way into Leavenworth. (From Yahoo Yellow pages - Condotels Suites Extended Stay, 3 Bedrooms~ 2 Bath~ Full Kitchen~ W/D In Suite ###-###-#### Web Site More Info 801 W Eisenhower Rd, Lansing, KS Map

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