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Updated on June 25, 2008
C.C. asks from Flower Mound, TX
4 answers

We are thinking about going to South Padre for a couple of days in July. Has any one gone and have a hotel they would reccomend? We would prefer to be on the beach. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

We stayed at the Bahia Mar four years ago and it was nice. Very reasonable, clean, nice pool ... only issue is, like most hotels on the beach side, you have to walk a bit to get to the beach. Depeneding on kids age(s) that could be an issue with how much stuff to carry. They did have condos available as well, that are closer to the sand, but I don't really know anything about them. This year we were planning to go back and stay at the Sheraton but my friends were there visiting and called to say a 30+story building was going up and it was REALLY noisy and lots of dust flying. We cancelled. We are though going to Corpus, with kids, in August and staying at a Quality Inn, on the beach. Not fancy at all but VERY reasonable, they have suites rooms, and it includes breakfast... also a lot less driving and with $4/gallon gas - this is a better thing for us.

Good luck and have fun.



answers from Dallas on

We went over Christmas break, (Our 2 were 3 and 5yrs. old) and we really tried to make the most out of our trip with the kiddos. We stayed at the HOLIDAY INN SUNSPREE RESORT(on the beach). The have activities for the day posted on the board in the lobby every morning. We really loved it. BUT, we also had a FULL oceanview room and breakfast vouchers for EVERY morning. That made it even sweeter! You must be specific on where you want your room to be facing because only about 1/4 of the rooms actually face the beach. They will probably try to tell you they have "partial" view rooms they could put you in. You don't want those - they are behind the building with the actual view. The view isn't the only reason I tell you this. You can actually come downstairs and be on the beach, whereas all others require a walk through the building and through or around the pool area.

As far as the breakfast vouchers go, it is an option you can pick when booking. It is not much more than your original room cost and so worth it. We were given $20/day vouchers. That covered my husband and myself ordering anything we possibly desired on the menu, and KIDS ALWAYS EAT FREE with each paid adult. They enjoyed a good sized healthy breakfat every morning, which made my husband and I stress less about all the snacks and junk we would be giving them the rest of the day. (Hey - we were on vacation!)

Another plus about this hotel is that it is right next door to Schliterbaun(sp?) Water Park. This was not open when we were there because of the season, but it looked really fun!

If you have any other questions about our trip to Padre let me know! I hope this helped!



answers from Dallas on

We have gone twice and stayed at the Tiki. It is for families only. They have 2 onsite pools and it's right on the beach.



answers from Seattle on

I think the Sheraton has the most to do as far as activities and may have a kids' club type of program. It is where I'd stay if I wanted a resort type hotel. There are also 2 bed and breakfasts on the Island. One is called Brown Pelican. I cannot recall the other. Neither are on the beach, but they would be a quick bike ride or a moderate walk away. They are not really fancy, just fun for a different kind of stay. You may also check out the Radisson. It used to be really big and nice. I have not been there in a while - so I don't have current information on that hotel. Finally, you could try renting a condo. A lot of people do that. Just check with a realtor on the Island for options.

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