Hospital Get Well Package Ideas

Updated on August 16, 2010
B.R. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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My 3 year old neice is having surgery this week. I want to make up a small get well package for her. Besides the obvious crayons and coloring book, any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

I went to dollar tree and got the munchkin some princess tattoos and stickers and a paper crown. At the hospital I sent up a princess balloon. I am very happy to say that she is completely recovered and back to her sweet, sassy self.

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answers from New York on

perfect age for those lacing toys, i love them for the kids, not a lot of parts etc to get lost. also melissa and doug make little wooden dress up dolls using magnets, also nice for the little girls, easy to do in bed. good luck to her

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answers from Phoenix on

Maybe a dvd of her favorite cartoon show, a nice stuffed animal or soft blanket. Her favorite treat that they cant get in the hospital. Sticker book or good story book or craft kit (they sell at target and Michaels). A kids Dr kit, so its a little less scary if she can pretend to Dr other people. Hope this helps.

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answers from Dallas on

Kristy V. has some great answers!! My daughter will be 3 in Oct. and loves to glue!! Pom-pom things, foam shapes, etc. and a bottle of glue and some construction paper would be fun for her. The doctor set is great too. My daughter loves to play doctor!!
If you have a portable dvd player, you could let her use it and bring her a dvd like Kristy said, but most hospitals dont have a dvd player, so that's why I mention the player. Books are also nice.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Check put Build A Bear...they are located in Mayfair can make her own special get well bear and then she will have that forever...


answers from Austin on

Tattoos, stories on CD..

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