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Updated on February 07, 2011
D.K. asks from Delaware, OH
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I have found several lists of things to pack and am getting them together. I was just wondering, do most people end up using a small rolling suitcase to take in or something smaller? I will be there at least 48 hours. Thanks.

Sorry I did not mention it, yes the hospital trip is to have a baby when he is ready to come out.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses, small suitcase it is. It still has room for other stuff, but I have the basics for comfort, baby outfit, paper for footprints for the scrapbook, and chargers, extra batteries and memory card for the cameras and laptop. Thanks again for the help :)

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answers from Norfolk on

We used a medium sized non-rolling suitcase (around the size of a gym duffel bag). We should have gone bigger because you leave the hospital with a lot more stuff than you went in with--and I'm not just talking about the baby! So I would recommend going with a bigger bag even if there's extra space in it when you leave for the hospital. Good luck!

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answers from Little Rock on

I took a rolling suitcase each time. I had my first vaginal and my next 2 by c-section. I packed my own gown, housecoat, houseshoes, nursing bra, shampoo, soap (I have allergies), comb, brush, etc. I also took a nursing pillow as well as my favorite bed pillows. For the baby, I packed clothes for the going home in and clothes for the picture they take before you leave, thankfully, I also packed extra baby clothes as well. I thought it was crazy at the time that I packed them, but when my first was born at 11 lbs and 1 oz. and the hospital did not have any onesies to fit him and in fact had to get special diapers to fit my half grown baby, I was glad that I did. I did the same with the next baby with the same results. My second was 10 lbs and 2 oz. and again they did not have anything to fit. My daughter was 9 lbs and 8 oz. and was able to wear what the hospital provided.

Also, you are going prepared to have this baby vaginal, but if something goes wrong or the baby doesn't come in a specified amount of time, the doctor may decide to do a c-section. In this case, your hospital stay would be a little longer.



answers from Orlando on

I took an average size duffle bag, plus a pillow and a boppy. It was larger than a gym bag, but not as large as a suitcase. Bring whatever is easiest for you to carry.



answers from Minneapolis on

Well I never got to the stage of packing a hospital bag.I had made list if items to pack but then I went into preterm labour,I had gone to the ER with my cell phone and chap stick.Beleive M. the hospital provides everything.I didnt even have to send my husband to bring anything much from home the 3 days I was there. I just needed clothes for going home and toiletries.Take minimum stuff unless you really dont want to use anything the hospital provides.I was not planning on using anything hospital provides but in my case I had to.But really it wasnt a big deal.



answers from Chattanooga on

I didn't use most of the stuff I brought... even though it was on the list. (and I was in for just over a week) I was far more comfortable just wearing 2 hospital gowns (one forward, and one backward) than my PJs or robe... plus it was a lot easier to unsnap one shoulder to nurse than to hike up or unbutton the shirt... I used my own toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.) and slippers were nice... Snacks are good, the hospital has a limited choice and I had the munchies BAD while I was there... Chap-stick is a must... I brought a book and some word puzzles, didn't even touch them. Before I was too busy with labor, and after I was too busy with my baby and sleep. I remember packing up this big full bag, then getting annoyed having to dig through it to find the stuff I actually wanted to use. lol.



answers from Miami on

I have my favorite duffle bag. It holds all the essentials I need like:
clothes to go home in
socks to keep my feet warm
hand lotion
body gel/wash
shampoo/conditioner (travel size bottles)
hair brush, clips for my hair or hair elatics to keep my hair back
I like to sleep in my own things so I bring my own robe and night gown
flip flops to walk around my room in (or walking in the halls)

You didn't mention why you will be in the hospital. I think most of have assumed you are going to have a baby. If that is the case, make sure you pack things for the baby, too.



answers from Minneapolis on

I hadn't gotten around to packing anything when I went into labor and I didn't need much. Clothes for you and baby to go home in. The basic toiletries in a small bag, to take a bath. I wore their clothes (who needs more laundry).



answers from Chicago on

A small rolling suitcase is perfect!


answers from Williamsport on

I brought a small bag with just maternity clothes, cosmetics case and camera. You won't need much while you're there wearing their gowns. For my first I brought my favorite blanket and liked snuggling in it during early labor when I was sort of cold. But for my second and 3rd I brought large bottles of prune juice and water! You do NOT want to be constipated after, your hormones are wacky, and hospital food is not exactly whole grain health food with loads of mixed greens and fresh fruit. Mine was like, hamburger patty, starchy wonder bun, jello, coffee. I could barely get the nurse to bring me enough water, so you may want to bring those in case.



answers from Scranton on

Bring a Boppy or nursing pillow of some kind. I also brought snacks - I was SO hungery after having both my boys.
Good luck! Hope you have an easy delivery.



answers from New York on

Depends on how far away the hospital is and if hubby will be going home. My bag was very small, a few toiletries, clean undergarments (I wore the same clothes home), a robe and slippers, outfit for the baby.


answers from York on

My husband and I shared a large duffle bag. I ended up staying 4 days, labor and recovery from my c-section. DH went home for showers but had pjs pants and extra shirts along.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would take a rolling suitcase, it is just big enough especially when you are shoving everything back into it and it is so much easier when you are leaving not to have that extra bag to carry it just rolls along!! GOOD LUCK!!

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