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Updated on December 14, 2010
B.R. asks from Dallas, TX
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I'm pregnant with our first child and I'm getting all the last minute things ready. What all did you bring in your hospital bag? I want to make sure I have everything ready in case he makes an early arrival.


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answers from Amarillo on

A blanket and a pillow for hubby to sleep. The baby book, to get baby foot prints. Cream for nipples if you plan to breastfeed (some hospitals have it & some don't).



answers from Dallas on

I brought:
- Tooth brush and paste for me and my hubby.
- Shampoo and conditioner.
- Hair brush, body lotion and Q-tips.
- Two bags of those HUGE menstrual pads.
- Prenatal vitamins.
- Breast pump and breast cream.
- Underwear and socks (for me and my hubby). Including my maternity bras.
- My little daughter's clothes (like 4 outfits with diapers and all)
- Camera.
- Travel size hair drier.
- 3 of those maternity sleepwear pajamas.
- A pair of sleepers.
- Cell phone with charger (also a bag with money and coins in case I needed to use the public phone.
- And some snacks for us.
And I think that was it.

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answers from Dallas on

A nice comfy robe and warm socks, warm loose pants, chapstick, burp cloths. My son was spitting up and they never had enough burp cloths.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I have to think WAY back....

Warm socks.

A robe, to cover up the despicable hospital gown.

A comb, some chapstick or lip gloss, and maybe a tad of makeup, because you'll have visitors and you may not want to look too awful for them. But don't expect to "do" yourself up.

A travel clock in case there isn't one in the room.

Phone numbers of your new baby's grandparents if they can't be there!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Good smelling lotion for hubby to rub on you - most hospitals smell icky!

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answers from La Crosse on

1. This is going to sound stupid...but snacks for you and your hubby. I was RAVENOUS after my first child, and even riffled through my husband's coat while he slept to find change to buy ice cream bars after he left (I was embarrased because I bought three, and didn't want to share). Also, hospital food BITES.

2. Music can be great and most hospitals have something you can play a CD on if you don't have an iPod.

3. Loose jammies with a button top - just easier (a couple new snuggly pairs of fleece or flannel).

4. A nice robe for trolling the halls if you need to.

5. Good warm slippers and feet were FREEZING!

6. Baby Stuff - Baby's first outfit + a couple others. Car seat. Snuggly blankets. Carseat cover since I had winter babies in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Onesies, socks, hats.

7. A book on the off chance labor mellowed and I was bored.

8. Stuff for my husband to do - magazines, puzzles, books...My first labor lasted almost 24 hours.

9. Pads - nothing worse than having to stop for maxipads and nipple pads on the way home from the hospital. Also, nursing bra (if you go that route), loose undies and clothes...suprisingly you don't automatically lose that extra 35 LBS while in the aware you may be wearing the pants with a pouch and your maternity tops a little while longer (buttons are definately easier for nursing).

Google it, though....tons of websites will provide alternative answers that you will think, "Oh, yeah...great idea..wwould have never thought of that."

PS: Noticed Bernie's response which has some great ideas like chapstick and whatnot. No disrespect, but I want to mention that "pushing technique" does not have much to do with needing stiches (elasticity, genetics, time spent in labor, child's size have more of an impact)...and pushing with your "bum" can cause serious hemorrhoids...which once you have them can crop up forever. I would highly recommend Kegels and "proper" pushing ...and avoiding anything that may provide you with the need for Preparation H every time you have a little too much dairy or not enough fiber/water in your diet.

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answers from Wichita on

I brought really comfy socks. They were my fav thing I packed.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Make sure you bring a blanket, hospitals are always COLD. Also, a camera for sure, change of clothes, socks (cold in there) and your very own slippers. A hair tie, your own facial soap, and of course, baby carrier.


answers from Los Angeles on

robe and slippers. nursing pillow. earplugs and light blockers (hospitals are a really hard place to sleep in during the day). I brought books, but never had time to read them. Fresh fruit and other snacks. Hospital food had earned its reputation. Have your husband scope out the restaurants in the area and bring you meals. I second the need for grandma panties. C-sections happen and you can't wear low waisted underwear for quite some time. For killing time with labor, try some DVD's.



answers from New York on

Crocs make great double duty shoes and slippers and can easily be washed with soap and water later if you want to. Don't forget your camera and cell phone. Put your relatives' and friends' numbers in ahead.



answers from Minneapolis on

Wow, what long lists! I didn't bring much. And unless you will be far from home, send hubby home for anything you forgot after baby arrives.

Usual toiletries for taking a bath. One outfit for baby to go home in, plus car seat. One loose-fitting outfit for you to go home in. Panties that you don't mind if you have to throw away after. Food! I sent stepson out for bagels right after birth and hubby out for pizza later (hospital food sucks and you'll be hungry!)

I was naked during labor and never had a "break" in natural labor for doing anything else. Used the hospitals gowns and such cuz didn't want to soil mine. The hospital has all the baby stuff (diapers, wipes, etc.)



answers from Norfolk on

With baby #1 we way overpacked. With baby #2 we wised up and basically brought: something comfy for me to change into after the birth (hospital gowns are really not comfortable); nursing bras; something to bring the baby home in; the camera; a good book to read (you spend a lot of time laying around in the hospital); make sure you pack several pairs of thick comfortable socks that you won't slip in b/c your feet can get cold. Good luck!



answers from Clarksville on

My cell phone and camera charger. A laptop, most hospitals have free internet. A razor, I was so amazed at how many spots I had not shaved in awhile, I had to send my husband to get one. Shampoo, bodywash, lofa, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush, hair ties, facewash, face lotion, body lotion, deorderant, socks, change for the vending machines for hubby and one outfit to go home in. I wore all of their laundry while there, the nurse told me there was no reason to use all of my clean stuff and have to do lots of wash when I got home.

For baby: a newborn outfit, 0-3 size outfit, a blanket, and the carseat. We took the wrong sized outfit and hubby had to go home and get another size for him.

I wish I had taken Thank you notes with me. There were many nurses that really helped me. I wanted to write them one after I got home but I got so overwhelmed with caring for the baby that I had no time.



answers from New York on

Well, you have quite a list from the other ladies so far, most of what I was going to list is already mentioned.

Hard candy. I'm not sure if all hospitals are like this, but once labor gets started I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything....only ice chips :-( I ended up getting a really nasty taste in my mouth...jolly ranchers were my savior.

Clorox wipes...hospitals are known as a place for germs. When I get to my room I wipe EVERYTHING down, especially the bed rails, phone and remote.

Assign someone "meal duty" for right after you have baby. That is my dad's job. When we call to say it is getting close, he makes me a fresh turkey sandwich (as I am totally craving that by the time baby comes because I don't eat lunch meat during pregnancy), potato chips and a vitamin water! My husband held the sandwich for me to eat as I was nursing my son for the first time LOL!!



answers from Dallas on

bring your normal toiletries along with robe, socks, house shoes and some loose fitting clothes. i would bring some granny panties just in case you end up with a c section...those worked better than the low cut ones i always wore as the low cut ones rubbed on my scar. bring some snacks, an outfit for the baby to go home in and dont forget the car seat! camera too!
most hospitals can get you anything you forget and make sure and take everything they supplied (diapers, wipes etc) when you leave, because you will have already paid for it. newer hospitals seem to give you more...i had mine at a newer one and they had all kinds of stuff!


answers from San Francisco on

Hi B.
For baby. Nappies,cotton woll for cleaning his bum,baby wipes for first poo,vests,baby grows,2 cotton sheets(I didnt like hospital's ones), cosy cotton blanket,bibs,baby bath foam, and a going home outfit.
For you. A few pjs,cottom light ones as hospital can be quite hot ,nightdress for labour,dressing gown,cosy socks,slippers,shampoo,conditioner,shower gel, hair brush and hair tie ,big underwear, lots of big sanitary towels, breast pads and nipple cream,rescue remedy,lip balm,a good book in case of long labour and some toffee or candy in case you need a treat!
So exciting,best of luck
If you are having a natural labour,my tips would be to make sure you take a poo and shower at start of early contractions.
Remember to always push from your bum and not from your vagina. Best advise I got which resulted in no stitches.
B. k



answers from Boston on

The one thing that I wished I had was a towel from home. The hospital ones are washed and dried with industrial strength cleaner, and were soooo rough that I almost cried even trying to tap dry my exceptionally sore nipples on day two of breastfeeding. It was seriously like drying with sandpaper. Bring a towel that you don't really care about, because blood does get everywhere (sorry) but it would be so so so worth it.

Also, lace up shoes. My feet got so swollen during labor that I literally couldn't get my _clogs_ on my feet to go home. I had to go home in slippers!

Good luck with the new one!



answers from Minneapolis on

Im hoping to have my baby tomorrow, so my hospital bag is all packed. This is #2 for me and with my 1st, I never got around to packing my bag and it was horrible not having anything. I packed toiletries like shampoo, cond, deodorant, razors, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, qtips. There is no better feeling than having a nice shower and being all clean after having a baby. I also packed my makeup bag, so I dont look like a monster in all my pics with the new baby. Also bring a change of clothes for going home for u and baby. Socks, underwear are important too. Camera, charger, batteries, videocam, laptop, and phone charger. Good Luck with your new baby :)



answers from Dallas on

I agree with the KISS method Keep it short and simple.
The hospital gowns are great for the first few hours, but later you'll want something lounge wearish. Be sure to pack nursing tops (not t-shirts like I did with my first - ugh!) and some comfy pants and bring one more pair than what you think you will need just in case!
A good pair of versitile shoes, like ugg slippers or driving shoes, that are good for outside, but also easy to pop on and off.
Do bring your own pillow (so nice to have the coziness of home).
toiletries and maybe a sleep mask for your eyes.
The hospital has so much available from toothpaste to diapers and wipes.
They even sent me home with sanitary pads and other personal effects they thought would help me once I got home.
Re: Camera, etc. - let your hubby remember that you have enough going on delivering a baby - LOL! Plus it helps to give them jobs to do to keep their nerves at bay :)
Limit to one cary-on size bag and you'll be perfect!

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