Horse Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on December 22, 2010
C.A. asks from Jewett City, CT
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Hey mamas! My daughter just turned 3 and I want to do a horse themed birthday party for her in a few weeks. She is obsessed with horses! I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. All the kids there will be between 3 and 3 1/2 years old. I found a horse painting kit and thought that maybe each child could paint a horse at the beginning and bring it home with them. But I'm not sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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answers from Chicago on

We are having a cowgirl party for my daughter's 6th bday and I have a great craft planned. The kids are going to make a "hobby horse". I am saving the cardboard tubes from xmas wrapping paper. I will enlarge a picture of a horses head (2 copies per child) and glue them together (leave an opening for the "stick". The kids will color their horse, punch holes and attach yarn for the mane, and then we'll put the head on the "stick" (cardboard tube). I have other moms sticking around to help. The we can have relay races with the horses. I also ordered really cute hats, plates, and napkins from Oriental trading. Have fun!

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answers from Detroit on

Is taking them someplace that has pony rides an option?


answers from San Antonio on

paint sounds messy, especially if I dressed up my kiddo in their cutest outfit for the party and they came home with paint all over it.

what about a brown foam head of a horse and you have pre-cut hair and ears and eyes and nose that they can decorate. All they'd have to do is pick what they want and glue and let dry.

coloring contest --- color a black and white printout of a horse. Mix them up and have the bday girl pick her favorite one. They can win a little sussie.

horses love to lick sugar cubes (right? or is it salt cubes?)-- get a few boxes and see who can stack the tallest tower.

horses love to eat their carrots. Maybe serve carrots or do a game with carrots?

i'm tired - that's all I got.



answers from Dallas on

I absolutely love this website for party ideas and help. Parents post their fabulous party ideas. You can borrow their ideas or make a twist to work for your party. And when you click on a topic, they have what age the particular party was geared towards, which helps a lot. I didn't notice a horse theme, but I did see My Little Pony....maybe there are some ideas for you there.



answers from Honolulu on


great site for b-day things and themes.
Use the search word "pony party."

Keep in mind the fine-motor skills of 3 year olds.... per 'painting' or craft kits.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Some of the stuff suggested on that site seems to be for older kids, but most things can be modified for younger ones.
I especially liked the idea of letting them paint a real horseshoe!

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