Horrible Morning Sickness and Slot of Guilt and Sadness with Baby Number Too

Updated on July 08, 2014
N.C. asks from Arlington, VA
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Hi friends,
I have been meaning to write for days but have barely been able to function. I am 6/12 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am sick 24 hours a day and feel utterly miserable, this started two weeks ago. I can barely function. On top of it all i feel very depressed. I cant stand the site of my partner and these days and am constantly irritable. I feel fortunate that during this situation that i dont have a job to goto because there is no way i would be able to. I can barely stand with out needing to throw up. I cant take care of my 3 year old, thankfully my husband started his vacation and can take care of that part.
I feel guilty all the time and feel like a bad , irritable mom.
The doctor put me on a medicine which is similar to dramamine for travel sickness to help curb my nausea. I live abroad and this is what they have to offer which is safe. This pill knocks me out completely, i mean totally. But i dont have a choice or i would be throwing up all day.

I will talk to the doctor to dicuss other medicine options. I will also bring up this depression which i have obviously started. I also take b6 and have started acupuncture.

I just feel so overwhelmed with guilt, i am concerned my 3 year old is getting affected by my moods, my sickness, and of course the bickering between my husband and I.

A little back ground info-
I myself had an abusive childhood which has made me almost obsessed with that my child will never have to feel like i did. Up until now i feel like i have been a great mom.
I suffer from pmdd( severe pms) and leading up to my second pregnancy started to medicate with antidepressants half the month, i tried this after exhausting every possible natural solution known to mankind.
I had only mild nausea with my first child and a slight depression that went over when i reached the second trimester.
Unfortunately i suffered from postpartum depression when my little boy arrived. He had colic and woke around 10 times a night the whole first year. I never medicated for that, next time i wont make the same mistake.So we waited before trying to have another child.
Thanks for reading,

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answers from Jacksonville on

Is Zofran available there? That is what I used and it helped me be functional. It does not cause sleepiness like some of the other anti-emitic medications.
The generic name is ondansetron.
Good luck.

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answers from Kansas City on

It sounds like you may have Hyperemisis Gravidarum. http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/hyper...

This is a serious pregnancy related illness that can, and has, killed women who didn't get proper treatment. My cousin's fiancee has been hospitalized 4 times for this already and she's about 14 weeks pregnant. Get help. Don't feel bad for having problems, this is not your fault.

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answers from Phoenix on

What you are experiencing sounds exactly like what I experienced. Severe depression along with the rare condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum. What I recommend is asking your OB if they know of any OB's that have experience with this condition because most don't. I received home IV therapy which didn't help with the nausea but it kept me hydrated. This condition will worsen your depression so find a counselor specializing chronic illness. Some will even come to your home. I went to see counselor weekly and had to bring my barf bin with me. Please feel free to PM with if you have questions or need support. I can also provide resources. Hang in there, ask for help, don't give up.

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answers from Miami on

I really think you should go to the hospital. You have good advice below about Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Not only will dehydration put you at real risk, you could lose so much weight that your baby doesn't get the nutrition it needs, even as it pulls nutrition out of you. This is serious stuff. Please don't try to go through this on your own.

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answers from Los Angeles on

-Talk to your OB about what you can take for depression that would be
safe for your child.
-Use your medical insurance to schedule an appt w/a counselor to talk
about your depression.
-When your baby arrives, sleep when you can. Sleep/rest when he or
she sleeps.
-Mentally prepare yourself now telling yourself everything will be fine with
this baby. See yourself being happy & healthy with this child.
-When you feel better during your pregnancy, try to get things ready ahead of time so you won't have to do it when the baby is here. Freeze
meals ahead of time etc.
-Ask people for help. Do you have a trusted friend that could come over to help you w/your 3 yr old when hubby goes back to work?
Hang in there & hope you feel better soon.



answers from Los Angeles on

Like the previous posters said, you may have hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Go do www.helpher.org for more info. I had HG with my first pregnancy and that site really helped me get through it (along with being on home health until week 20). It will have lots of helpful info.

Also, ask your doctor for zofran. It won't help that much if you indeed have HG, but it may still help a little. I used it with my HG pregnancy and with my current pregnancy.



answers from Detroit on

I had this. Husband said, you know women work through this. I am sure they go to work feeling like I did. But honestly...I could not imagine. I'd had multiple kids and never was that sick!

I put my 4-year-old in daycare and the toddler was totally ignored. I could not function. But hey, the toddler was happy enough playing on the floor. I'd throw some cereal on the floor. We managed. It was tough.

I had access to any medication that was safe and NONE worked, without uncomfortable side effects.

I do not understand how women survive this. If my son's preschool had not had the full-day option, it'd have been awful. At least he got to go there and was fed and entertained, etc.



answers from Minneapolis on

If you can't keep anything at all down you really should go to your doctor. With my third child I was like this, working half-time and trying to have two other kids. It did not work out. I could barely move. I ended up taking sick leave from work, sending the other two wherever they could go and trying to muddle through the days. Finally, after going several days in a row to the hospital for iv's (which I would throw up immediately in the car on the way home) I was put in the hospital for severe dehydration. Don't wait that long. I knew what normal "morning" sickness was as I had it with the other two and this was something much, much worse. I couldn't keep down even a sip of water. Once in the hospital they gave me strong enough medications that I could keep the iv's down. I was in the hospital for nine days and started to feel somewhat better. I did get back to work within a month but still dragged myself around the entire pregnancy with a huge lack of energy. That was my last child! I hope you get help soon.



answers from Los Angeles on

See a therapist.
Best of luck, ma'am!



answers from Detroit on

Have you tried the following:

Sea-bands wrist bands (they are for motion sickness)
Melons--watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydews
Sparkling water/seltzer
Saltine crackers
Lying on your left side
Ginger ale or ginger root
Prego pops

Hang in there. Some pregnancies are tougher than others. As a previous poster mentioned, Zofran works well for morning sickness.

I hope you feel better soon.:)

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