Horrible Cold at 8 Months Pregnant

Updated on March 21, 2011
E.M. asks from Brick, NJ
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I have been suffering with a terrible cold for the past four days. My doctor said it was okay to take Sudafed, but when you search online you get so many mixed answers. I would of course prefer to take nothing but I am not sleeping and barely funtional. Today it has moved into my chest with a painful cough and congestions. I just sucked on a ricola cough drop and it helped a lot. I know there are all sorts of herbs in there, and the ones I have include echinacea as well. So I am pretty sure I shouldn't use them but I wanted to see what you all thought. Are there are other cough drops that you think would be safer? Or should I go ahead with the ricola for a few days? Thank you!

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answers from Missoula on

I would stick with the advice of a doctor or pharmacist, someone with some training in this area rather than the advice of moms for this question.

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answers from Johnstown on

I boil a pan of water and then put a dab of Vicks in it, put a towel over my head and breathe in the vapors. I also drink warm peppermint tea as well as honey lemon tea. Sudafed IS safe. I used it for both of my pregnancies.

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answers from Rochester on

Liquids, tea with honey, and Sudafed if you need it (I took it with colds during pregnancy but it never helps me at all). Just rest up. I had a really awful cold in the last month of my second pregnancy and ended up with bronchitis when my son was a week or two old. It wasn't much fun but thankfully we had help around.



answers from New York on

I used plain menthol cough drops (I used peppermint candy too) and saltwater in the nose like the neti pot.
Kellymom has a list of medications and their ratings for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It may have more ideas: http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/aap-approved-meds.html


answers from San Francisco on

I got terribly sick with a flu when I was about 6 mons pg (right over Xmas!). I was mis-er-able!

I spoke to my doc and they told me exactly what I could take (by brand name and ingredient). I did not deviate one bit. One main thing I realized is that they suggested items that treated only one symptom each rather than an all in one (sore throat, fever, congestion etc). And actually, with everything they suggested, I was able to make myself fairly comfortable until the flu passed. I still use the sugar free Halls they recommended, they are great!

A word to the wise, please be careful with the idea that just because it is an herb or 'natural', that it can't be harmful. Doc's even have suggestion/advice re: tea's b/c some can be harmful during pregnancy. So google the ingredients of ricola and see what comes up, just as an exercise.

Most of all, do what you can to make yourself comfortable & talk to you doc about your options and concerns. The internet is full of good AND bad information and take advantage of the doc's knowledge & experience. Take good care of yourself and get some relief for you & your baby :) I hope you feel better soon!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I was horribly sick with a cold and cough when I coughed hard enough to break my water at about 38 week. happy healthy baby but I do remember taking some OTC stuff--whatever my OB said it was OK to take. The cough was horrible and I would be awake coughing all night. Just be aware--you CAN break your water & then you will be in labor!



answers from Phoenix on

Plain red Sudafed is safe, but like you I prefer not to take it either. Cough drops are safe, but you're right to stay away from the herbal ones. I like Halls, since they help with congestion a bit too. Vick's rub isn't recommended, but you can use a waterless vaporizer with a Vick's pad or a regular vaporizer with Vick's liquid. I also find Breathe-Right strips to help a lot. If you're still coughing badly, have green snot or your symptoms get worse, go see your doctor on Monday, since you might have a sinus infection or bronchitis and need an antibiotic. Good luck!

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