Hormonal Imbalance After Having Child??

Updated on June 13, 2013
M.T. asks from Naperville, IL
4 answers

My child just turned 1 and I still fee like I have terrible hormonal imbalance. My doctor put me on the bc and I feel like I have terrible irritability around my menstrual cycle. I asked her to switch my pill and so I start that this month. But I wanted to ask if anyone has had this problem and if so what have you done for it? I am a conservative person and don't like to take medications, but a friend told me about this product that is sold at Whole foods called "estrobalance" and was wondering if anyone has ever taken that?

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answers from Fargo on

I use what I assume to be a similar product called Estrofactors. The one I take doesn't contain any estrogen (or any hormone), but balances your body's estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels.

It's been a life saver for me! I just had my period and haven't felt the need to karate chop one single person in the neck! :)

Best of luck! I know how hard hormone imbalance can be!

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answers from Washington DC on

I use a product called "estrocare" and progestacare. I'm older now, so they actually help with supplementing the hormones that are declining. Do you think you're low on estrogen? If you are, this product may help. I assume it's plant based estrogen.

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answers from Miami on

Did you have bloodwork done before starting the BC pills? I would have insisted on that, to be honest.

The problem with bloodwork while you are on the pill is that the results are skewed.

I do want to remind you that Whole Food type products are not FDA approved and you don't actually know what is in them. They actually ARE medications...



answers from Portland on

This is called PMS, premenstrual syndrome. I've never been pregnant and always had some irritability around my menstrual cycle. Many women have a really difficult time. Talk with your doctor about treatment for PMS. Read up on it and see if it sounds like what you're going thru.

I've seen Estrovan advertised. It's true that such substances are not tested by the FDA. That doesn't mean they're not safe. Estrovan is made by a recognized company who has a history of putting out safe products. I'd try something like that as long as it is made by a company with a good record. Whole Foods carries many such brands.

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