Honey for a Cough?

Updated on September 24, 2008
A.M. asks from Lewisville, TX
4 answers

has anyone heard that a teaspoon of honey is a good natural remedy for a toddler with a cough? I am aware that honey is a no-no for children under 1 yera of age and have not given my son any yet even though he is a couple months past 2. But he has recently acquired a dry cough that may be due to allergies b/c there are no other symptoms.
wanted to know your advice before giving him any honey!! I want him to have a good nights sleep tonight. :-)

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answers from Dallas on

I've also heard Elderberry Extract works good too. I used it on my kids when they were younger. Sambucol makes a good one and can be found at Whole Foods or Central Market or any health store.



answers from Dallas on

Local Honey is good at controling allergies. My friend's nanny swears by boiling gingeroot with a little sugar is a great cough remedy and then have them drink the liquid. The sugar is needed for taste because the gingeroot is bitter.



answers from Dallas on

Dry cough could possibly mean asthma, especially if it's at night. Check with your pedi.



answers from Austin on

I've only heard of using honey for two reasons, both related to coughing, but not to cure a cough. 1) to soothe a sore throat and 2) for allergies (only if you use local honey for local allergens)

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