Honda Pilot, 3 Car Seats

Updated on October 12, 2010
A.H. asks from Rockford, IL
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We are considering buying a Honda Pilot but I am concerned about how it will work with 3 car seats. Does anyone have any tips for getting kids in and out? Is a car seat in the 3rd row do-able? Thanks!

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Thank you everyone for your responses, they were very helpful and made me realize it is possible to have 3 in Pilot!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My friend had 3 car seats in a Honda Pilot, all in the middle row. Her model year (I think it was a 2005 or 2006) had not yet been tested for car seat safety in the third row, so she didn't feel safe putting any of them in the back.

For awhile, she had two forward-facing convertible seats plus a rear facing seat; then switched to three forward-facing seats. It was tight, but it worked.

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answers from Chicago on

We just bought a Honda Pilot and we, as well, use 3 carseats (a 2 year old daughter and 2 6 month old sons). It works for us to put our daughter's seat in the 3rd row on the passanger side. The second row seat directly in front of it folds forward. She can climb back herself and I am able to reach back there to belt her in. The boys' seats go rear facing in the 2nd row- middle and driver's side. It is quite manageable to strap them in....the middle one from the passenger side and the window seat from the driver's side. As they get older and are forward facing like their sister, we can probably switch it up a little. With any combination, there is room enough for 3 car seats!
Good luck to you and hope your car search is quick and easy:)
K. P.



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I have an 03 Pilot and LOVE it still!!!! Very dependable and the 3rd row is very easy to get in and out of. My neighbor just bought a 2010 and she loves hers as well. It is a great car and I would buy them again and again!!!!



answers from San Francisco on

IMO feasibility of using car seats in the 3rd row depends on the ages of the kids and the seats they're using. We have a 2005 Toyota Highlander with 3rd row and I could install car seats in the third row but it would have been difficult for me to have more than 3 harnessed seats because I needed to fold down part of the second row to access the third row.
There are probably quite a few harnessed car seats that could fit 3 across in the second row of a Pilot, although it would be difficult to access the 3rd row if you have all the seats in the second row.



answers from Sacramento on

wen i babysit i use 3 carseats in a tahoe and it's ok. the carseat I bought was a Combi Cocoro and it's supposedly designed to fit 3 across perfectly in a Toyota Corolla. if you go to the website it has a video and pics. I love the carseat but don't get a light colored one!



answers from Chicago on

Regarding the LATCH post, yes, maybe you can only install 2 with LATCH, but that doesn't mean you can't use the middle seatbelt to install a seat in the middle.

I would check out Sunshine Kids seats. They are very narrow and can be rear or forward facing.



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I recently sat in the middle between a car seat and a booster seat in a new Honda Pilot. I sat very comfortably. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 200 lbs. I think you could easily fit 3 baby seats across the second row seat.



answers from Savannah on

I have a 03 Pilot and love it!! We've driven from SC to IN in the winter time and it has been a great SUV in the snow and slick roads!
The outside seats in the middle row have latch and the middle seat seatbelt is a lap/shoulder combo on mine. I've had infant carseats in all 3 places (did not use latch) with and without bases and they all fit fine. I've had a Britax Marathon on the passenger side with latch and it was fine. I've also had smaller front facers on the sides of the 3rd row but I've found that they and backless boosters fit better on the driver side. It's as if the space is wider there out of the other two seats in that row. The 3rd row does not have latch. I have 2 kids of my own and I baby sit kids from baby to toddler so I've have a lot of kids in my car at one time! lol I've had the Britax on the passenger side 2nd row, infant car seat on driver side 2nd row (without base) and would fold that side down to allow the toddler in the back in/out. It seems that the passenger side of the 2nd row is the widest there.

Most of the carseats I've used have been big and bulky (Britax, Graco infant carrier) which made it hard to get 3 of them in the 2nd row. But I know there are skinny seats out there!

Best thing you can do is go to the dealer with all of the carseats you will be using and install them in the Pilot you are looking at and see what you think!! Play around with different placements to see what feels and works good for you. The salesman will understand and should realize that if you can fit your family in it then that will help seal the sale!!

Happy car shopping!


answers from Provo on

Oh it's soooo doable. We've had all the seats with car seats but the front two (hope we wouldn't put them there) It can get tight, but it works.

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