Honda Element - DeKalb,IL

Updated on May 07, 2007
M.J. asks from Woodstock, GA
4 answers

We are thinking about purchasing a Honda Element. We are looking for a bigger car, but not too big. I was just wondering if anyone had any complaints, concerns or kudos about this car???!! Thanks, M.!!

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answers from Chicago on

I know you didn't ask but I thought I would offer anyways. We bought a Chrysler Pacifica about 1 month ago and I LOVE it. I was scared to death to buy a bigger car (I had a Saturn ION) and i feel so comfortable in the Pacifica. It is bigger and has a 3rd row but I can still easily drive it and park it without trouble and I don't feel like I am driving a big car. If you haven't decided 100% about the element, I would say check it out. If you have other questions, let me know and I can answer them.

BTW - The 2007 are about 30,000 plus BUT i got a 2004 fully loaded (DVD, Nav System, Heated 1st/2nd row leather with memory seats, etc) for under $20 which I thought was much more reasonable.

Good luck



answers from Seattle on

We have the Honda Element and love it. With the stadium seating and sun roof our daughter gets a clear view of everything and is very happy. Also, it has loads of cargo room so it makes shopping a breeze. I also like that it has clam shell doors so even when she gets bigger she will not be able to open the back doors without us first opening the front doors. We have taken our element across country and camping. It is great.



answers from Chicago on

LOVE my element. So easy to use with carseats and kids. Kid-friendly flooring too. Just mop it out!

We considered a pacifica as well. I think I would have liked that for the extra row of seating but hubby liked the element better



answers from Chicago on

My Husband and I bought an Element in 2005 shortly before our son was born. Best thing that we ever did, we LOVE it. Like everyone else said the stadium seating is wonderful for kids (and moms) in the back seat and the doors make it a breeze to get kids in and out of the car. The best bonus for me is that the trunk area is lower than most "bigger" cars which makes it very easy to get strollers and everything else out of the backseat (especially post c-section). If you need someplace to buy one or test drive see K. Tornabeni at Honda of Joliet. She was very easy to deal with and was even able to give us a quote and the cars and colors in stock via email. Good Luck.

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