Homeschooling My 3 Year Old

Updated on July 03, 2008
E.K. asks from Wood Dale, IL
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I'm going to put my daughter in Kindergarten next year, but this year, I'd like to home school her. She'll be 4 in a few months. She's very intelligent - can already read simple words, write the entire alphabet, recite it forwards and backwards, she can read most cursive handwriting, she can watch a movie once and tell you later the entire plot and main character's names, her language and memory skills are far beyond what I've seen in other 3 year olds.... My question is what level do I school her at? She seems to be at a Kindergarten level to me, but maybe I'm wrong? Also, I've seen other postings regarding home-schooling books and products. Are there stores I can purchase those at or are they only available on-line? Another question - my daughter gets bored VERY easily. Will I have a hard time trying to sit her down and do activities with her? Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it? Thank you!!!

I also wanted to add that I also have her enrolled in classes at our Park District so that she has plenty of social interaction with other children her age. I have her in classes such as dance, swim, art ect... 2/3 days a week. Thank you everyone that has already given me advice! I really appreciate it :)

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I also have a very bright 3 year old, and am a teacher myself. I am doing kindergarten level work with her, but am also sending her to preschool for the social development skills, and for things like learning how to follow directions, walk in line, raise her hand, etc. The best advice I can give is to make learning fun for her, so she will want to keep learning more. I recommend the teacher store called The Chalkboard off of 355 in Downers Grove. They have lots of great workbooks, games, etc. You can also check out my Usborne books website at You might be interested in the Ten Terrific weeks program, which includes a themed set of books with curriculum to follow. There are sets leveled "preschool through early elementary" about the farm, the sea, the human body, or princesses. Good luck!



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If you are sending her to a formal kindergarten in a year, why aren't you going to send to her to a formal preschool? Would sending her to a regular preschool program and then supplementing with your own activities be an option? Sitting down with any 3/soon-to-be 4 year old can be very frustrating--no matter how bright they are!

Good luck to you!



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Wow!! Its so great to hear she is above grade level.

My daughter is currently 2 years old. And I too want to homeschool her. Besides free-style, how did you introduce writing to her?

Mom of a beautiful 2 1/2 year old.

Thank you



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i'd start with kindergarten and see where she's at, if its too easy, but move on. : ) good for you!

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