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Updated on March 09, 2008
M.S. asks from Corpus Christi, TX
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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about some homeschooling groups in the Corpus area. We are new to Corpus and to homeschooling and would love to find other homeschoolers to share ideas and to socialize with. My kids don't know anyone here and are really wanting some kids to play with, not to mention I would LOVE some adult conversation....talking everyday to a 7 and 2 yr old is great but would love some adult conversation too :)

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I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all who responded to this. I have received great info that I was having a hard time getting and have already contacted the support groups that were given to me....again a very big thank you not only from myself but from my son who is looking forward to meeting some other kids.

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I don't homeschool, my kids are still young. However, my neighbor across the street homeschools her three kids. She is involved in a group at Windsor Park Church. I'm not sure what all it entails, but I'm sure you can call and get specifics. I do know her older kids are involved in a Speech class and a couple other subjects in group settings.



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Hi M.,
My name is C. Redman. I live in the Annaville area. What part of Corpus do you reside in? All tho I am not homeschooling, I like adult conversation as well. My children are 8 and 9, both girls but get along well with just about anyone and are well behaved. I currently work out of my home office doing Real Estate and credit restoration. I am 41 years young and also married to a wonderful man going on 11 years now. Feel free to shoot me a direct email to [email protected]
Let's see if we can develop a friendship.
Take care,..hope to hear from you.



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HOST is the biggest one:
Phone: ###-###-####
Email: [email protected]

There are a couple more, but I can't find info on them right now. I also know there are a couple Yahoo groups for hs'ers in CC.

We're at the North end of town. I hs my 8, 6, and 5yos plus another 6yo and a 4yo. My 2yo tags along for the ride.

Email me girlsnglasses at yahoo dot com



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hi! welcome to corpus christi, the body of Christ! st helena's church on wooldridge off of roddfield rd has fun fridays from 2-4p for homeschoolers and sahm/nursing mommies...great playground and patio for everyone to enjoy!

hope to see you there!
blessings as you get settled in,

ps. mommy of 4, oldest is 4...sahm...married for 5 to homeschooling but have found a wealth of info and support through the women at st helena's!



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The ACE(Accelerrated Christian Education)is a very good program to use. I once taught in a christian church school and had previously heard of it, then later used it to homeschool my son and others. don't know about 7 unless he can read. I did take the place of the age group when teacher had to take leave of absence and was amazed to see the kids learn to read with the program. It's best i know of. Others have recc. Abeca, may be spelled wrong, for starting young ones out to read. There is a good support group that meets in Corpus, wish I could remember the name. Contacting some of the churches should be able to give you the info on group meetings. and downsized community events are scheduled like park day, field trips etc that are family friendly with your little one in tow. hope this helps some. M.



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I am new to Corpus from Houston and know nothing about homeschool...We live on the island and will be taking our 5 year old to Kindergarten in September just down the drive from our home....I have a 2 year old as well. I don't know anything about the schools, but if you want to email or meet feel free to contact me....B. Burton ###-###-####.



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Hi M.

My name is V. Simmons, wife of Joe for 26 years and mother of 3 adult sons all home schooled all the way through(1988- 2005).

I continue to meet with a group of home school moms with children ranging from about 4yrs old to college age. I would love to invite you out to our next meeting. It's women's support group based on Titus 2.

There are lots of home schoolers here is Corpus and lots of activities. The name of the Local group is HOST (homeschooling of South Texas)

I'll have to make a call and get you the contact person for the group. I will send it to you later this evening.

Welcome to Corpus Christi and I hope I get to meet you some day.

V. Simmons

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