Homemade Fish Costume

Updated on April 13, 2010
K.W. asks from Parkville, MD
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My 6 year old son needs a shark (or any fish in the ocean) costume for school. I've had a hard time finding one online or in costume stores. Does anyone know of an easy homemade fish costume I could make? I should note that I have minimal sewing skills. No-sew ideas would be great, but I'm willing to try sewing something as long as it's not too complicated. Anyone have any creative ideas?

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answers from Las Vegas on


I think a hooded jacket would be a good start and then you can make the (individual) scales from spray painted cardboard cut outs and attach them by one hole punched and a little bit of fishing line or yarn. That way the scales move when he walks.

Have fun!!!



answers from Chicago on

My daughter was in a fish play last year. Here are a couple of ideas

orange sweatshirt and pants with black electrical tape for stripes = clown fish

white pants and shirt holding a clear/white umbrella with tentacles hanging off the umbrella = jelly fish

multi colored tie dyed tshirt = rainbow fish

I will consult with my former rainbow fish to see if she remembers more costumes.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi K.,

I am listing a couple of websites that I like to use to learn projects. You can check out for tips to help you out with the costumes.

Website which I love cause I get weekly updates on new ideas.

Is a crocodile costume but maybe you can change to a shark.

Is an idea for shrimp costume.

Is a popular site that shows how to reuse alot of stuff you already have with videos. They have a lot of diffrent video.

Website for how to do almost anything.

Hope these websites can help you out with your project.



answers from Santa Barbara on

How about matching cardboard cutouts in the appropriate shape and painted for the appropriate fish/shark. You could do shoulder straps to attach and one is worn in front and the other in the back or you could do crisscross straps and have the shapes on each side of his body. Wish I could draw or attach a drawing to show you what I'm thinking.



answers from Washington DC on

I would look on ebay.



answers from Erie on

I made a shark costume for my son for halloween from a gray zip up hooded sweat shirt, It was cute but not to fancy. some sewign by hand but not much. I'm pretty sure i found it on the Martha stewart website. Although there wasn't much detail in the directiosn i had found. I would be happy to email you a picture of what i made if you contact me privately with an email.

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