Homemade Christmas Ideas

Updated on December 07, 2012
T.M. asks from Saint Johns, MI
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Hello, I am really stuck here!!! I have been making things for my 10 year old "from Mrs. Claus" since she has been born (an will continue till I die). I have made her flowered lamps, blankets, ect. Can anyone out there give me crafty ideas on what to do this year. She is already asking "I wonder if Mrs. Claus is going to make me something.

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answers from Detroit on

Have you thought of making her a beaded necklace to wear or a Christmas ornament to have on the tree. Design her a shirt for her to wear?

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answers from Houston on

What about an apron for baking goodies on Christmas Day.

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answers from Austin on

How about sewing her a fun apron? There are some really cute patterns out there now....... and she might then enjoy helping you in the kitchen....

Or... there are a lot of cute purse/tote patterns.....



answers from Columbus on

If she likes baking the mixes in jar. Soaps or snowglobe soap that has a toy inside, scarf, ornament with paint inside that will streak. I agree pinterest may help, there are tins of ideas. Hand painted picture frame, can be an easy winter scene for a picture from this winter. Mod podge anything.



answers from Detroit on

How about a snow man kit? Were making them as neighbor gifts this year- just add snow. We just bought a new house, and when we started planting found tons of small landscape rocks-were painting those black like coal. Add a fleece scarf, felt hat, buttons, and felt nose and you have instant fun for snow days.
Just google snowman kit and you can find tons of blogs/instructions.



answers from Wichita Falls on

A mobile of origami butterflies.

Rag rug

throw pollows



answers from Washington DC on

Hat, mitten and scarf set?






answers from Kansas City on

How about painting a clay pot to match her bedroom? Then she could put some artificial flowers in it to enjoy all year long!



answers from Cleveland on

have you seen those cute curtains that are decorated like a little house and you put them low in a doorway to make a little tent, they are sooo cute. you just need a curtain rod that fits your door way and some fabric to decorate with a door windows like a little cottage.


answers from Fort Collins on

What does she enjoy?

Puppets, puppet stage
Dress-ups, storage
Hair ties, scarves, headbands

I would check out pintrest and search for things she enjoys....there are so many great ideas on there. :)


answers from Los Angeles on

A button bracelet in colors she likes:

I made one for my 11 year old granddaughter to see what she thought of it, she loved it! So I'm making a few for some friends for Christmas. The more buttons and layering the better.



answers from Springfield on

I wonder if she would like a fancy pretty wreath for her door. Get a round wreath form and a dollar store boa or 2 (depending on the size) and wrap around. Its so cute! I did it for my daughter. You could glue on flowers or anything else you wanted to.



answers from Chicago on

If you sew, handmade purse or coin purse, advent calendar, scarf and hat,painted stainglass window ornament for her room, decorated picture frame. What a nice tradition!



answers from Chicago on

Place matt
scrap book

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