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Updated on March 29, 2010
L.K. asks from Dallas, TX
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It's a little premature for me and my husband, but our lease is up on our apartment in Dallas in September and we want to rent a house out of the city. We have 3 dogs and 1 child so an apartment is proving to be more of a hassel than a help. I've had terrible luck finding a home we can afford to rent and don't really know where to look...other than Craigslist which I don't like using. We aren't approved for any kind of purchases because both of our credit scores are too low. As far as a price range we'd like to keep as close to $700/ month as possible. Does anyone know where I could look to find a good neighborhood to rent a home? We are thinking Garland/ Rockwall/ Richardson area. TIA!

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Funny,,, 2 of the responders said they dont know your price range.... You said $700 or as close as possible. Im nowt quite sure about 700 but if you can go to $800 or $850, there are always houses by my sisters in garland. I have lived over there myself and its a good little neighborhood. Personaly, I like to drive around neighborhoods when im looking for a house. That way you get to see whats going on, check out the neighbors, see the schools, etc. for yourself. A realitor doesnt know that kind of information. They just want the commission and tell you what you want to hear. Besides that, you mentioned that you and your husband have credit issues... I can relate to that. I always looked for the FOR RENT by owner signs so that you could be one on one with the actual person, homeowner, and explain any indiscretions you might have, IF they even check your credit. It is also easier to get more information about the property, the neighborhood and do any negotiating if you need to. It is more personable than using a realitor and a company that doesnt care cause they can make money elsewhere. Longer time and more work spent on an 'MAYBE' sale with bad credit or issues becomes a hassle cause its less time with with the next client that has good credit, no issues or more money. Just my opinion,,, drive round Plano rd, Walnut st, Buckingham, Jupiter area for those signs and charm your way in. Thats what I always had to do until me and my husband got lucky and found our current house in dallas. We were able to buy it with bad credit, felonies and only $2000 down. We just showed that we had $10,000 in the bank ( which we had saved up over 3 years and put away income tax refunds) and they approved us. Of ocourse we spent it all with the down payment, down payment on having a pool installed and new, well more, furniture.They didnt even ask for proof of employment. Brand new $152,000 house. Where we got screwed... signed a flexible rate mortgage. They raise and lower it all the time. We might lose it soon because they just raised it from $977 to $1407 and we cannot afford that. If we do lose it, that will add a foreclose to our credit and ill be back to charming those homeowners to let us rent their home.
Hope I helped. Good luck.



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It would help if we knew what your rent budget was. We could steer you to many nice neighborhoods, but it's pointless if you can't afford them.



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Good morning, I'm a realtor and would be happy to assist you in finding a home to rent. Anything that would be available in September is not on the market now, but later into the year, I'd be happy to email you what is available,
and take you to see anything which interests you.

J. W., VP
William Cady Realty Group Inc
###-###-#### direct
[email protected]____.com



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try looking on realtor.com and hotpads.com- they both have area searches and max amounts for rent- craigslist is okay but also crowded with bad info... so you really have to search.

As far as nieghborhoods- not sure what your budget is, but farmers branch/north dallas, carrollton, irving, lewisville... if you need any help just send me a message with your max and where you are looking and how many bedrooms- we are moving the end of this month and i just had to do all of this so i understand the hassle :)

good luck !



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There are a few listed on ebby.com under "leasing" at the top. Another idea would be to contact a realtor. My only other suggestion would be to just go out driving around and check out the neighborhoods.



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Hi there!

In this market you may want to consider a purchase. We have a home for sale in Grand Prairie. Check out the link here for pictures and pricing:


(you may have to copy and paste it in your browser). You will get $8000 cash tax credit if you have contract by April 30. Worth considering! Good luck to you!

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