Home Remedy for 8 Month Old with Acid Reflux

Updated on January 17, 2012
S.L. asks from Moab, UT
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Our 8 month old has maxed out her options on medicine and formula and while she isn't awful, she still isn't sleeping at all well. She is on zantac two times a day and that keeps her from spitting up hardly at all.

Between the acid reflux and the re-occuring ear infections, she is just not sleeping. We have tried all the usual things: elevating the bed, feeding her at an angle, keep her upright for 20 minutes afterwards. We have tried all different types of formula and gripe waters etc... we have also taken her to the chiropractor for 4 months with no improvement. She still just doesn't sleep. Our Dr says we are just going to have to wait it out and try and sleep train her when she is done with her ear infection.

I am just looking to see if any of the home remedies I have found online would work and would be good for an 8 month old.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Baking Soda

Obviously I would double check with the Dr, but I just wanted some input if any of you ladies out there could help!


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answers from Springfield on

My boy settled down once we took him off milk products and started with more solid foods - both at about 8 months.

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answers from Kansas City on

Hi S.,
I would highly reccommend seeing an imunologist. I had sreccuring sinus infections my whole life and found out at agage 35 it was caused by an immune deficiency. My daughter had reccuring sinus infections as well from age three until age six when she was sent to an ENT because of a very bad sinus infection and bilateral ear infection. The ENT said if we would have her adenoids removed she would not get the sinus/ear infections anymore. So we had them removed and three months later, sinus infection. So she was sent to an allergist, who also happened to be an immunologist and he ran some tests and she had a small immune deficiency caused by low strep pneumonia titers. It was fixed with two pneumonia vaccines over a three month period. This doctor has changed our lives, we are not sick all the time anymore. Also we both have acid reflux which also causes sinus/ear infections and he gave us Dexilant for it. I have tried everything for the reflux from Omeperazole, Nexium, Aciphex, Prilosec, Pepcid,Prevacid, I am sure there are others but Dexilant works. One pill gets rid of the reflux all day! Best of luck to you and your bababy and please consider seeing an immunologist, also keep in mind this type of immune deficiency is genetic so you and the baby's father are likely to have it as well. The number one symptom is more than two resporitory infections a year, especially if they have to be treated with antibiotics, and ear infections count.

Goodd luck!

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answers from New York on

This sounds like a dietary sensitivity. Have you talked to your dr. about switching her to a non-dairy hypoallergenic formula? I don't know much about formula -- sorry! -- but I know there are prescription-only brands for these symptoms.


answers from Eugene on

You can make a tisane of the fennel and let her drink it if she likes it. I would go get homeopathic Nux Vomica at the health food store...they sell 30c at most of them. I would give her the Nux 3x a day for three weeks. At first she might puke more but then she'd puke and feel sick less and less until she was normal.



answers from Joplin on

Im not one to give drugs to my kids or myself. I avoid at all costs. We go to the chiropractor. My daughter, when she was a baby, had ear infections. Antibiotic after antibiotic nothing worked. I took her to the chiro and poof has not had another ear infection. she is now 8yr. my niece had acid reflux for years and went poof it was gone.



answers from Springfield on

I used to take Previdid and later Nexium for my acid reflux. When I first found out I was pregant my doctor switched me to Pepcid (not sure why, as I've heard the other two are perfectly safe during pregnancy). Anyway, Pepcid is available over the counter, and generic Pepcid is fairly cheep. I haven't bothered with a prescription for years.

Obviously, I'm an adult and your little one is not, but you could ask your doctor if there is an over the counter med that would help her. I must say, on the days I forget to take my Pepcid, I usually find my way to a pharmacy because it is just that uncomfortable. I really couldn't imagine being 8 months and not getting my meds and not being able to ask for them.

Good luck!


answers from San Antonio on

Hi S.
Try out this website. I go to it all the time for home remedies. It is awesome because regular people like us go on and give feedback for each remedy as to how it did or did not work for them.
Good luck with your baby



answers from Oklahoma City on

Feeding very small meals is the best thing that worked for us. The tummy only holds so much and when we would offer a bottle often and let them drink for a few minutes they would never get hungry and have issues. It worked very well.

We also gave him a syringe of Reglan about 10 minutes before every bottle. It relaxed the tummy and helped the food to go through the bottom of the stomach quicker. That way there was not a lot left in the tummy when he was done drinking.



answers from Portland on

Ask your doctor about adding Prevacid to her meds. We finally had to do this and it makes a huge difference. My little guy gets 7.5 mg twice a day, and he has gone off of the zantac almost all together. Have you tried letting her sleep in her infant seat? It is a better angle for the reflux than a raised crib. You can give 1mg of Mylanta a few times as needed to quell the instant acid (this works well). Are you on either the Alimentum or Nutrimingen? If not I would start with the Alimentum. Use Playtex Dropins with the LATEX nipple, they get a better latch and so have less problems. You can also put some rice or oatmeal in the bottle..the theory is that the thicker stuff is harder to spit up and easier on the tummy. My dr said to do this and I was leary until I saw it on The Doctors too. PM me if you want more help. I have been there with 2 kiddos and it will pass! Also, NO dairy or Soy in her diet at all!