Home Remedies for Vomiting/upset Stomach

Updated on March 26, 2015
S.H. asks from Marion, OH
22 answers

My 7yr old son has been vomiting all night.
In fact he woke up from his sleep vomiting.
At this point I feel like it's just a stomach bug
And will run it's course. I know to keep him
hydrated, but was wondering if anyone has
Any home remedies for an upset stomach
Or vomiting for a 7 yr old. Thanks so much
For any and all replies.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for all of your helpful tips and advise. We stayed with the clear fluids. he enjoyed ginger ale, and we also gave peppermints a try, and it worked. We made it through a day without anything coming up. today he held down toast, and it appears the stomach bug is making its way down now, so we will be sure to stick with the BRAT diet. Thanks again, as always your advise is appreciated.

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answers from Phoenix on

Assuming he can keep food down you can do the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce and Toast. My mom used to boil 7up then let it cool for me to drink and that would settle my stomach with some saltine crackers. good luck.

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answers from Austin on

Place a wet cold wash cloth behind his neck.
Yes ginger ale if you have it will help.. Or lemon lime soda can help.
Mint tea, peppermint..

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answers from Washington DC on

most people don't have angostura bitters hanging around, but if you do, put a couple of drops into some seltzer water. it doesn't taste good, but it's strangely magically effective on a queasy tummy.
S. (old bartender)

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answers from Los Angeles on

You used to be able to buy coca cola syrup at the pharmacy (kept behind the counter. A teaspoon over crushed ice does the trick!
(Not sure how 'natural' that is but it really works.)

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answers from Dallas on

My go to is ginger ale. Peppermint is another go to we have on hand.

If course follow brat diet until he's able to keep things down.

One thing I always have my daughter and she loves til this day at age 20... Jello... I let her sip on it before it gelled.

Get well soon!!!

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answers from Boston on

GInger - try to get natural ginger ale (in the organic or natural food section) rather than typical Canada Dry or supermarket brands, which are loaded with corn syrup. Otherwise, make an herbal ginger tea with no caffeine (caffeine dehydrates).

Don't give anything until he has not vomited for at least 4 hours, and then start with small sips of water or ice chips. You can't add anything in at all when he's actively ill! Please don't try! I'd work on Doris Day's formula of 1 ounce per 15 minutes, and only repeat it if he keeps it down. If that works for an hour, try ginger ale (stir it so there are no bubbles - you don't want him to be burping!).

After that, popsicles. Then BRAT diet only for 24 hours once you start solid food, and really limit the quantity at one sitting. Bananas, rice, applesauce (not apples), toast (or some say small amounts of turkey). You can put a little plain jelly on the toast - no butter, no other dairy, no chemical stuff like gatorade or kool aid. He will probably be hungry but really ration it no matter what he says. It's not worth it to start up the vomiting again.

Be prepared that this can turn into diarrhea as the virus works its way down. Same diet for that too.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Crackers, Water & Gatorade.
Verylittle bits of each.
Our household went through this....the stomach flu.
Started w/vomiting then moved to some diarrhea.
The first 4 days were the most instense.
Just let your child rest, keep a trash can by the bedside/sofa.
Let him stay home from school.
Be patient & kind. This bug that went around took a week to work through
our system.
After he vomits, don't try to get him to eat for awhile. Let him rest.
Don't push it.
Wipe down all surfaces that are touched w/Chlorox wipes(light switches
doorknobs, fridge handles, microwave etc.).

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answers from Miami on

Fever? Does he have a fever? If he does, you might not be able to keep him hydrated. This happened to my son when he was in 3rd grade. (Or maybe it was 4th...) Anyway, I was in communication with my doctor's office about it and they said he needed 1 ounce of water every 15 minutes. He kept throwing it up. She had me give him a suppository that was to get the fever down, but it didn't work. He was laying in the floor with a pillow under his head, in front of the toilet - it was that bad. When the fever didn't come down and he kept puking, she had me bring him in the office, she assessed him and then sent us to the hospital. His electrolytes were out of whack and his ketones (in the urine) were very high. They were worried about meningitis. They gave him an IV bag and some other stuff. He finally stopped vomiting, thankfully.

I will never forget what the doctor in the ER told me. He said that I had done a good job trying to hydrate him, though it wasn't enough. However, I had done enough to protect his heart. I did not know that dehydration could hurt the heart. He also told me that the kidneys are a worry because dehydration can cause crystals to form in the kidneys and when you pee, the crystals cut the kidneys and cause you to bleed into the urine (it can be found in the urine tests they give - you don't necessarily see the blood.) That's why you aren't supposed to let a child just sleep and sleep when they are sick - you wake them and get them to drink water so that their kidneys don't get damaged.

My son didn't have meningitis, and he was okay in the end. But he wouldn't have been if I hadn't gotten him to the hospital for IV fluids. Sometimes you just can't get ahead of the vomiting in time to protect your child from other problems (like heart and kidneys.)

So be vigilant and don't wait too long to get him seen.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't have any advice for the child that has the upset tummy, but have everyone else in the house eat pineapple (or drink 100% pure purple grape juice) to avoid the bug spreading to the rest of you.

It is an old wives tale that one of the parents at my school told us, and everyone I work with swears by it. In the 8 years I have tried it since learning this "trick" it hasn't let me down yet.

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answers from Seattle on

So very sorry to hear this. A stomach bug went through our house too and it's no fun. I agree with the ginger ale, but make rue it actually has real ginger in it, because it's the ginger that helps with vomiting. Canada Dry is a good brand for ginger ale.

An alternative is to get some fresh ginger from the store and give your son some small amounts of that. Do be sure you give hi small pieces because straight ginger is a it hot. You can also try ginger tea.

A caution about using pepto bismal. It does have aspirin in it, and if I recall, you need to watch how much aspirin you give to young children. You might want to call the doctor before you use pep to bismol.

Hope your little one gets better soon!

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answers from Portland on

Sorry to hear this. Hard when kids vomit .. it's so upsetting to them.

All the remedies below (we do ginger ale, brat diet once they can keep foods down).

One other suggestion my physician recommended that we had never thought of - those electrolyte freezer pops. They're like freezies, so kids suck on them and they have electrolytes in them to keep kids from getting dehydrated. Mine kids found them easier to keep down than water. I think Pedialyte has them. They come in flavors so kids like them.


ETA: we sometimes give our kids Pepto Bismol once they've stopped vomiting - if they have nausea and upset tummy. They will throw it up if they are still vomiting, so wait until their stomach has settled a bit.

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answers from San Francisco on

My daughter recently had the stomach bug that's going around. The poor kid threw up for a week. We called our pedi, who confirmed that it's definitely a viral thing, and that as long as we could keep her hydrated, it would just run its course. We gave her Gatorade to help keep her hydrated and keep her electrolytes in balance (and get a few calories on board), and as she felt she could keep them down, we fed her Saltines. After a few days, she felt like she could handle more, so we gave her bananas, dry toast (that didn't stay down), and white rice. It did run its course, and one day she woke up starving, and ready to eat "real" food. Even so, we kept it to chicken soup and other relatively bland, easy to digest foods for the next day or two, until we were sure it wouldn't come right back up again.

Good luck, and I hope your little guy feels better soon.

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answers from Appleton on

My go to is cinnamon. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal or cinnamon grahams work, if you don't have that try cinnamon sugar on applesauce. It has to be real cinnamon not a cinnamon flavored item. He also might like oatmeal with cinnamon sugar.

Peppermint tea might also help him.

And as other mom's have said keep him hydrated.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm sorry he isn't feeling well. No fun at all. I don't have any natural remedies, but just wanted to say that I hope it passes quickly.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I woke up feeling yucky this morning too. I sucked on Peppermint hard candy all day. Any hard candy helps me.

Using our mouth tells our stomach to get ready to receive food. So when it gets the signal that food is in our mouth sent by chewing, sucking, moving food around, the smells, tastes, etc....all tell the stomach that we're eating.

So the stomach empties and starts a cycle of getting rid of everything in there.

By sucking on hard candy I've kept it emptying and it helps get rid of that gunk that is in there.

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answers from Norfolk on

Ginger ale
clear fluids - water, soup broth
Heating pad for over the stomach can help with cramps and so can a warm bath - it always helped to soothe our son.
There's no rush to return to solids.
Take it slow - use BRAT for diarrhea otherwise soft easy to digest foods for a few days will help get things back to normal.

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answers from Kansas City on

My husband is a pharmacist and loves to recommend cola syrup. Or you can make your own by basically just opening a coke and letting it go totally flat but that takes a while. You can buy it at pretty much all pharmacies just ask the pharmacist.

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answers from Boston on

Pedialyte, small sips. Motrin , and grape Popsicles. That's what I give my son to keep fluids down. The vomiting just needs to run its course. If they vomit continuously after the first 8 hours, then you need to call nurse. If they are urinating enough then you also know they are staying hydrated.

The Motrin I find with my son helps with stomach cramping. Peppermint /Lavendar oil on tummy can help soothe it as well.

Hope he feels better soon! That to me is the absolute worst as far as viruses go.

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answers from Lakeland on

Ginger (tea or soda) or peppermint (tea or candy).

Do your best to keep fluids in him so he doesn't get dehydrated.

If you get ginger soda get the Goya brand, this is not the dry ale style it is spicy with the ginger and should help relieve the nausea. Sometimes the carbonation helps to.

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answers from Boston on

Sips of water, ginger ale, maybe some caffeine free coke. every 10 min or so...and maybe a popsicle ...no dairy !!!!

Don't give him any food until he can hold down fluids...and then, yes, the brat diet...bananas, rice(boiled/steamed), applesauce and toast(dry) ....you can throw in some saltines too....

Hope he feels better

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answers from Richmond on

upset tummy remedies..apples slices will calm an upset tummy, so will peppermint or spearmint..K. h

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answers from Dallas on

I've heard flat soda (ginger ale or coke) works good. I heard this from a nurse. She said to put the drink in a blender and let it run for a minute or so. That will take the carbonation out of the drink.

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