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Updated on July 19, 2011
K.G. asks from Apple Valley, CA
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My husband and I are TTC our first child. I took a First Response Early Response Pregnancy Test. I followed the instructions on the test. After waiting the 3 minutes there was a dark pink control line and a very faint light pink test line. Has anyone had this happen to them? I just dont know if I am pregnant or if its a false line? I thought I had started my period because I was spotting a little bit, but my husband thought I should take a test. I spotted Thursday (Brown Blood), Friday (Red Blood), Saturday (Brown Blood) and its done now...I took the pregnanct test today, on Sunday. Sorry if this is tmi...I'm just new to all of this. Anyone with a similar situation?

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So What Happened?

Today I went into my general physician and she confirmed that I was pregnant!!! My husband and I are so excited! I have an HMO so now I just have to wait for my referral to get approved so I can go see an OB. Thanks for all of the feedback!

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answers from Los Angeles on

With my first it did the same thing... As my doctor said a line is a line.. Give it a few days and take it again first thing in the morning. Good luck



answers from Youngstown on

I had a line so faint I had to squint to see it. She's now a bouncing 3 year old!

Congrats! You are preggers!

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answers from Reading on

It's my understanding that a faint line is a positive line!
Best wishes!

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answers from Chicago on

Congrats, I do believe you're pregnant! Test again in the morning, using your very first urine of the day, as the concentration of HCG will be higher. The bleeding is probably implantation bleeding.

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answers from Chicago on

Yep, with both pregnancies I tested four days before my expected period and had faint lines both times. Congrats, you're pregnant!

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answers from Seattle on

That happened to me, though without the spotting, and kiddo is 3.5 now. Take another test tomorrow morning (first "pee" of the day) - urine is more concentrated then than later in the day. My fingers are crossed for you!

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answers from Raleigh on

Take another tomorrow morning you will know for sure. I had this happen and the next day got a dark for sure line. Now I'm 7 weeks pregnant.

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answers from Hartford on

Wait a few days and then pee first thing in the morning on Wednesday or Thursday on a stick. You might not have enough pregnancy hormone. However, I would lean toward, "A line is a line" very cautiously assuming the line was pink and not an evaporation line.

Or if you can't bear to wait you can buy a digital test that reads out "pregnant" or "not pregnant."


answers from Los Angeles on

I got a very faint line on an early pregnancy test once. I was prego.



answers from New York on

About 6.5 months ago this happened to my girlfriend- faint line, with the same test. She is now 7.5 months pregnant with her first........ Congrats ;)



answers from Chicago on

I have had the faint line with my pregnancies! So if you are TTC I hope the result is the same! I always followed up with one of the digital pregnancy tests that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" to confirm! Good luck to you!!



answers from Detroit on

I agree, that sounds like it could very well have been implantation bleeding.

I've taken a LOT of pregnancy tests when I was TTC, and never had even the faintest of pink lines until I was actually pregnant. I don't think there are false lines unless it's an evaporation line, but those don't show up for hours after you test.

Good luck! :-)



answers from Chicago on

Regardless of how faint, you are pregnant.



answers from St. Louis on

If you got the pink line ones and if you saw the faint light pink line, then I think your positive! I would test again in the morning. When I took my third pregnancy test the day that I found out I was pregnant (I was in slight denial and kept thinking it would change) they were pretty faint lines but they were still there, and now my adorable 5.5 month old is here :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

This happened to me! I remember not being sure at the time, but I definitely was. =)

Many tests will say that it's ok if one line is lighter than the other. If there is any trace of the pregnancy hormone, it will show up. I have known many people w/false negatives, but never a false positive.

In a few days, go to the ob / midwife for a test just to be sure.

How exciting!! My fingers are crossed for you - keep us posted!



answers from Louisville on

I tried for 10 months to get pregnant with my first. My line was faint to. I didnt believe it and threw it out. I took another one a few days later and it was very bright. You probably just didnt have enough hormone in your urine yet. Like others have said. Take the test first thing in the morning. Also with my second one. I was at the Dr for other reasons and they asked if I could be pregnant. I said yes but my period was not due for another 4 days. They were taking for ever to come back and tell me the results. She was waiting to have the Dr look at it because it was so faint she wanted to make sure but yes I was pregnant both times. I never did spot though but spotting is very common.


answers from San Francisco on

I had a very faint line with a pregnancy test and I was pregnant. So heres hoping for you. Test again in the morning.
Wishing you the best of luck
B. k


answers from Raleigh on

You definitely could be! Take another test and see! Good luck!!!



answers from Jacksonville on

I got a faint line when I was pregnant with my daughter. I followed it two days later with another test and then went into the dr. to have them confirm.

Good luck to you!



answers from Kansas City on

My first 2 positive pregnancy tests had a faint line, I think I took 5 before it was dark enough that I believed it.


answers from Jacksonville on

I had a doc tell me once when I had strep, a faint positive line is still positive, just like a pregnancy test. Fingers crossed for you, I agree with all the other mama's retake the test. Hope for the best prepare for the worst, and best of luck to you.


answers from St. Louis on

Yep - my line was faint. I took a test later that day and the line was quite bright. I was pregnant both times =)

No matter how faint the line, you are pregnant if you see that second line!




answers from Joplin on

hardly ever false positives....I would take another test first thing in the AM, you can have spotting after you are pregnant.

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