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Updated on March 03, 2009
B. asks from Mount Prospect, IL
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Hi Moms,

We're looking for ways to save money and one area I think we could get a better deal on is on our home phone services. We currently have Talk America and pay $70 a month with all the fees and no long distance is included. Can anyone recommend a better home phone service company that costs less once all the hidden fees are added in?


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I am not exactly sure how much our phone is, but I am pretty sure it's less then that. We just switched to WOW and have cable, internet, phone,HBO,HD and DVR all for $138.00 - good for 2 years. They are really nice. We really haven't had any problems, but have only had them for a month. We had comcast before, but like a previous poster we had no cable and phone on several times. I finally had enough and switched to WOW.



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There is that new Magic Jack. A friend of a friend has it and he says it works great. I think you have to have your computer on to get calls though. Also, if you by chance have T Mobile for your cell, you can get T Mobile at home for $10 a month.
Also, before we moved into an area WOW doesn't yet service we had WOW and we LOVED it. We paid just over $100 a month for phone, 3 cable boxes, high speed internet. They reps are friendly, fast, and correct. If you can get it in your area I highly recommend WOW.



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We do Vonage.It includes every feature in the world --including email voice messages. It runs on our DSL line, but the service has been good. It also includes free long distance to Canada, Ireland, England, Italy and, I think, France. We have relatives abroad, so it saves us tons.

I think it's something like 25 a month.



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I pay $40 for Comcast with the bundling package (phone, internet, cable). I had many service problems in February - 3 Sundays the phone went out.

I did check into at&t and the pricing was exactly the same. $40 unlimited local and long distance with caller id, call waiting and some other features.



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We were very tired of paying the high phone bills for our landline. So we got Vonage, and even the smallest package, which is 500 minutes/ month, voicemail, called ID, etc. and it works great for us. It ends up costing us a little over $20/month. I find that we don't need the unlimited package, this one covers us. If you are interested, I have a referral code that will get you two months free. Private message me and I will send it to you.


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