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Updated on July 07, 2010
M.H. asks from Madison, WI
7 answers

Hi Moms,

Which home hair removal product do you like best? Which hair removal product works best on underarms? I notice that after only a few uses with my razor, I can't get my underarms completely smooth (hair free) anymore.

Also, which home self tanner do you like best? I'm hoping to find one that doesn't have the orange tint and doesn't start looking 'flaky' after a few days of use. I usually end up having to wear pants or trying to scrap it all off when it gets the flaky look because it looks worse than pale legs!

Thank you,
M. H

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answers from Minneapolis on

Check out beautybets.com

She just did an article on her blog about the best self tanners (she tried them all) etc. You could probably ask her abour hair removal as well.

Good luck!



answers from Huntsville on

I recently discovered that the Veet hair remover works for me. Several years ago it didn't, so they must have changed their formula or something! And if you have a loofah sponge, it helps take the hair off too. I use the tool from Veet first and then wash as normal with a loofah & it seems to help make sure I didn't miss any spots :)

Can't help with the tanner, I don't even bother! haha

Another note, I tried the Sally Hansen wax strips & also their microwave wax. I had never tried any wax before, but I will NEVER try that again!! Too messy & sticky, takes too long, very painful in bikini area, and then on top of that, as the hair grew back on my lower legs where I had waxed a good bit, a LOT of the hair was coming back ingrown! I was even scrubbing well when I showered to try to prevent ingrowns, but it didn't make a difference! Oh it was horrible! It itched like crazy & it took forever to get it all better! NEVER again for me!!



answers from Detroit on

Arbonne has a great self tanner and after sun products that don't leave the skin flaky. They also have a Bronzer that is wonderful and it can be used any place on the skin. Private message me for my email and web site and for more info on Arbonne's Botanically Based, Gluten Free all natural products.



answers from Phoenix on

I can tell which ones not to use...the Sally Hansen wax strips HURT on the bikini area and underarms and I had to continuously re-stick them to get any hair to actually come out with the strip. I even let the hair grow out a bit like they recommend and it did not matter.

My mom used the Jergens slighly tanned lotion that is supposed to gradually build up a tan. SHe loved it for a couple of weeks but when she was on her vacation it began peeling/chunking off in colored flakes and it looked like she had a skin disease.

Neither of us have been brave enough to try tanners or hair removers since either incident.

I am curious to see what has worked for others. Thanks for asking the question!



answers from Minneapolis on

natural sunlite will give you best results-ive heard alot of negative things about tan in a bottle-sunlite gives you a boost of vitamin d an a lil color to your skin...my dr.told me to get just a bit more sun-to enhance my mood an calcium...



answers from Dallas on

I had good luck with Avon's hair removal cream, but I've only used it on my legs.



answers from Rochester on

Can't help you on the hair remover because I really haven't found one that works well for me at all. You may want to make sure you're getting one that's labeled for use on more sensitive areas though, just in case.

For tanner, I really like those tinted lotions. You do kind of have to wait for them to dry when you put them on. I usually put it on my legs because the rest of me tans (sunscreen or not) but my legs won't tan to save my life. I put it on when i get out of the shower and have to let it dry before getting dressed. Jergens makes one and I'm sure other brands make them now too. I've never gotten the orange look because the lotion builds up so gradually.

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