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Updated on October 08, 2011
S.Y. asks from Diamond Bar, CA
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Hi I have been thinking about starting a home based business and I have been debating between Partylite or The Pampered Chef. Does anyone outhere have advise as to wich one I should try or any other home based business they can recommend.


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So What Happened?

Thank you for your response. I will follow your advice and think twice about joining either one. Thank you once again.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Well I just started my Pre-paid legal bus:) give me a call or leave me a message at ###-###-#### ex 7579 my name is D.:) hope to hear from you:)

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answers from Dover on

I have been to both Partylite and Pampered Chef parties but never actually hosted a party. Personally, I don't like direct sales parties especially for non-necessities in this economy.

I started my own business with Work At Home United...no direct sales, no stocking, no selling, no collections and no risk. If you are interested go to:
www.workathomeunited.com/madden or send me a message.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

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answers from Dallas on

Boy you got a bunch of solicitations and "sales" pitches.

I live in an affluent area and none of us do "parties", most especially for things we don't need and our schedules are such that making time for a party is not fun.

I'd think of something else.....do something while your little ones are at MDO or school, work part time at retail for the holidays.

Don't make an investment into products you have to sell and pawn off to others who are not interested. People will begin to avoid you because you'll have the rep of "here comes _____ pushing her stuff"

Allthese things recommendedto you are from people who are required to recruit new people so they can get more $$.

EDIT: I've never been involved with a MLM nor will I ever. I hate to see them prey on innocent people using the marketing tactics which only makes the recruiter richer, not you. Do something that you can feel good about in the long run and not rip others off.

Best wishes on finding something you love.

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answers from San Antonio on

Hello S.. Whatever you choose, please don't let them talk you into buying a bunch of inventory. I know people who bought a lot to get a certain prize or level. They truly did not make money since they are stuck with product.
Whatever you choose, try to have an experienced salesperson allow you to attend a couple of parties as her helper. That way you see people's response and know your product ahead of time.
I live in one of the "richest" neighborhoods. People are always disappointed when they have parties here because most of us are tight and get asked to buy things constantly. Ask your Schwan man, middle-income neighborhoods buy far more products.

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answers from Orlando on

I did Pampered Chef from Aug. 2009-May 2010, not a long time at all but I LOVED it!! Everyone knows about Pampered Chef products and they are pretty easy to sell, the best part is you get sooooo much free stuff from PC and it has a very low start up cost, depending on your area you also get a great support system. I decided to stay home with my daughter during the day and work evenings which is the only reason that I stopped selling. It was so easy to stop all you do is stop and no one bothers or pesters you at all. I made quite a bit of money in my first few months as well with all the discounts and incentives that you get, if you like the products it is very very worth it. Message me if you want a little more information about my experience. Make sure that you know people that would be willing to have parties or catalogue shows before you begin. Thanksgiving time is a great time to start because of all the holiday items, and people can purchase as gifts.

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answers from Los Angeles on

as a shopper I prefer Pampered Chef

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answers from Tampa on

I work from home with a company that is recession proof! Click on my link to learn more. All you need to do is sit through an internet presentation and you can decide then if this is something you would like to try. No pressure.




answers from Los Angeles on

Between those two, I like Pampered Chef's products more. I also think they are better known and therefore it's probably easier to book parties.

Another business to consider is Discovery Toys. If you have a lot of friends and family with young kids (ages 10 and under), it's a great business. I've been doing it for exactly a year and I love it. We are the only home-based toy company, so there is less competition than if you sell kitchen products, makeup/skin care, or jewelry. Our products are both fun and educational, and all come with a lifetime warranty.

It's also a perfect time to join the company with the holidays coming up and everyone shopping for toys for their children.

I'd love to give you more information and have you join my team. Please contact me at [email protected]____.com and check out my site at http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/karenchao if you're interested

K. : )


answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.!
I am in Menifee, CA and just started selling Scentsy almost 4 months ago. I reached a $1700 Sales goal within my first 70 days, and it has been selling every since. It's the first company where I am not going broke selling it by buying out of my pocket. It is so fun and I LOVE it! Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions at all!!




answers from New York on

I've been to both types of parties. Personally, when I attend a PC party, I'll purchase something because I want it, not just because I feel obligated. I have a friend who looked into doing PC and she found the start up costs to be very reasonable. I don't think that you would do well with Partylite in this economy as their products are all "luxery" items.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.,
When I was pregnant with my first child I got involved with Child's Play books and games, then Tupperware, then Candles, then adult toys etc. You name it, I probably did it. TF is right...people started looking at me like "oh no, here comes B., she's trying to get us to buy "_____" this week!" It was horrible. But I did that because I was looking for a way to stay home with my family.

Then 5 years ago I joined a network marketing company. It is different because I don't have to do home parties (unless I want to), I don't have to "flog any wares", my website does that for me and more importantly, if my friends and family want or don't want what I have, it's all okay. I work from home, I travel when I want to, I volunteer at my kids school every field trip etc, I am active on different committees, I volunteer AND I support my family. My husband was always a stay at home dad and when I started my home based business he just kept doing what he was doing.

S., do not be skeptical of what is out there, start asking questions. Talk to be people who ARE DOING IT not who "tried it and failed". Some things to ask/consider to find out if the opportunity is legit or not:
1. Is there a physical product or service?
2. Can someone just be a buyer of the products/service or MUST they be a distributor (big red flag if there is no buyer program)
3. What kind of training is offered and at what cost? Legitimate companies want you to succeed so they offer almost free training (my company does an intensive weekend of training - 3 days - $199)
4. Who is running the company, what is their background? Are they experienced? Is the company based on something that is NEEDED andnot a fad or a WANT?
5. Do they have a strong internet presence and does it cost you to be a part of it?
6. Is their payment plan fair, can ANYONE make money or "just the people at the top" (I currently out earn the lady that sponsored me PLUS her sponsor combined)
7. Is there REAL evidence of money being made (if they are "flashing their checks" at the front of the room...walk out.)
8. Attend a presentation or conference call, find out who is "leading"?
9. Does the company encourage personal growth?
10. Is there a family atmosphere or is it too competitive (there is always enough for everyone)
11. Can you see yourself and your children being a part of this company?

S., if you want to talk more, send me a private message. My best advice is this...follow your heart and the money will come...it always does.
I have been in EVERY direct sales company imaginable...you name it I did it. Now, i have found a product and a service that I could be passionate about that I truly love. I get to help families feed their kids better WHILE creating a second stream of income.

Do not listen to anyone who says "you can't", "you shouldn't" or "i know someone who failed at that". Only listen to the people who are there and doing it. There is a wonderful book by Robert Kiyosaki (he wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad) it's called Busienss of the 21st century. Pick up a copy. Find out what the next trend it and find your passion within it.

If you need anything, just ask. There are A LOT of successful people in MLM and direct sales, talk to them, find out WHY they do what they do, Find out HOW they do what they do. And most importantly find the product or service that works for you, that you can get behind.

I hope you find what you are looking for!

Family Success Coach



answers from Dallas on

Partylite is not so big here. I have known someone who hosted a party, but not much else. Scentsey is huge here. I also like Pampered Chef and have several friends who do it. I also have a home based business, which is different from the party business in 2 ways: a) I have residual income so I don't have depend on how many parties a month to make my $ goal; b) my products are "everyday joe" consummable products that people use so they are not buying something they are no already buying at their stores each month. My products also come with 100% guarantee. Three other points, my company has been around for many years and we don't have to carry an inventory and last but not least my team is phenominal. Would love to talk to you about it.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.

I have another home based direct marketing business you should consider. Have you heard of Private Quarters? They are beautiful products; bedding, bath, spa and comfort wear. There is lots of training and I will help you to become sucessful. I have 20+ years in interior design and I love this product! I will train you and the company has amazing support. You can visit my website at http://www.privatequarters.net/JoAnn or email me at [email protected]____.com or call me at ###-###-####. I would love to tell you more and answer all your questions.




answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.,
I would love to to talk to you about starting your own anti-aging business. Whenever you are considering starting your own business, there are 5 areas you need to ask yourself in order to have the highest chance of succeeding in that business. And you have to have all 5.
1. Is there a growing demand for that business? The anti-aging business is growing to be a trillion dollar industry, even in this economy. As yourself, who do you know that wants to look younger?
2. Are the products patented and exclusive? Because if you can buy them at Costco, Target, or WalMart, you have a lot of competition.
3. Is the Company a strong Company? The company I partner with is a billion dollar gene technology company that has been around for over 25 years, is publicly traded, with a 5A1 Dunn & Bradstreet rating, and was listed as the top 100 Most Trusted Companies by Forbes.
4. Will you have leverage? or will you be doing all the work? With our products, you make one sale and get paid every time they use it. So you will create residual income.
5. Is the Timing right for that business? Right now, my company is going through accelerated growth. We are heavily science-based and have invested over $350 million in research & development. Two years ago, our stock prices were $6 or $7 per share; it is now over $30 per share. There are not very many companies going through accelerated growth in this economy.

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you're intrigued about starting an anti-aging business. Yes, it's a lot of work (like starting any business), but it's a lot of fun making money AND looking younger while you're at it!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.. I know ladies who do both of those businesses and love it. Have you heard of Votre Vu? I am very passionate about this wonderful home business because of its fabulous French made products at an affordable price. Beauty products are huge and these are effective and affordable. I would love to send you info, if you are interested.
Best to you!
A. Lizarraga



answers from Los Angeles on

I was a Pampered Chef consultant and loved it but found the amount of time needed for each 'show' and how hard it was to grow a team and to stay active as a leader was just too much work. What I have been doing now for almost nine years is representing Sensaria Natural Bodycare, a natural based skin, body, bath spa quality products that the whole family can use. These products were developed by someone who had allergies and reactions to everything out there so he made his own. It has been around since the 1970's, sold in health food stores and mail order until taken to the Direct Sales industry as a party plan.

When you look at the compensation plan, you will see that other companies have been now modeling and copying it as it is one of the best in the industry. Big things to look at as a representative:

Minimum monthly requirements - Sensaria /none
Inventory - Sensaria /none
Credit Card charges - Sensaria /none
Hostess Gifts - Sensaria /none
Deliveries - Sensaria /none
Returns - Sensaria /none - the home office handles them and there is a one-year guarantee on all its products

What I love the most is that the men, the children of all ages, love these products because of the non perfume scents and that they are not greasy because of no petroleums.

With the economy the way it is and people getting laid off left and right, you need to think about what they are going to continue buying and cannot live without. Everyone has skin and once they try the Sensaria products, they don't want to use something else.

If you would like more information on this, please check out my website. Oh that is included, for free, as well as training, software and updates, newsletters, etc.



answers from Las Vegas on

Do a lot of research. Barbilee had lots of good questions to ask. You might also want to talk directly with people who are in the business and ask them hard questions about the business and what to expect. The Small Business Assn is also a good resource to guide you through the decision-making process. Owning your own business can be extremely rewarding or a total nightmare. Take your time, don't jump at the first opportunity, and research, research, research, and your odds will be better that it will be successful and rewarding. Oh, your local Chamber of Commerce can be a good resource too!



answers from Austin on

Hi S.,
Those are both great companies however I believe you will find your competition high. Are you interested and Health and Fitness? I am involved in a pure botanically driven soution based on a 5000 medicinal tradition. This is a front end opportunity to make a difference in yours and others lives on an exceptionally high level.
Do you have a minute to talk about the opportunity? After a quick call I can qualify you and get you to the right place for more information. This is a very exciting opportunity to make more money than you can spend!
R.' Border



answers from San Diego on

Hi S., A home based business can be great: I've had one for 21 years. I use both Partylite and P. Chef. I've recently discovered Scentsy candles and think I prefer them. But both these products last a long time (or people have so many candles) that I would never want to sell them + there are lots of people selling candles. I think it's best to sell products one uses up often. It's also difficult to get a party together w/ these products and then once they have the products, people are good. I'm w/ Mary Kay Cosmetics and just came back from a weekend w/ a top Director in Kentucky. There's a 23 yr. old whose unit in her 1st year of business did $500,000. She's pregnant and they have a toddler. She hopes that within months to a year her husband will be able to leave his job, due to her Mary Kay, and stay home w/ their babies. The Director's husband died 8 years ago and she has a teenage son. Her monthly income is $30,000 - $64,000. That's for one month! Plus the prizes she earns. National Directors get to choose a Mary Kay "sports" car. It was tiny and gorgeous.
One of the main points taught that weekend was that things can dramatically change in 90 days, which is what happened to many there w/ a plan they use. A bunch (young women and their spouses) had earned the Mary Kay trip which was to Greece, cruise, etc. It cost $11,000 per person and Mary Kay really spoils them (cash for lunch, they never touch their luggage, the best events (often private) in whatever country they're in, etc. An older man approached them and said that for many years he had worked to be able to go on this cruise (there were a lot of older people on it) and he was astonished that these young women had got this cruise for free.
I've finished 1 month of car production, will go for Directorship and am on target for Court of Sales. My husband leaves for 2 weeks to Europe tomorrow and we have 3 teens w/ time off school coming up, so it's nice to have the flexibility, support system, various ways of working Mary Kay that I have.
We have a 22 min. call I'd love for you to listen to, regardless of whatever you decide to do. There is no obligation to anything, just to listen. And listening puts you in a drawing for $100 cash + I will give you a free lipstick/lip gloss. My Director talks about the economy and how we make $ in Mary Kay, testimonies, etc.
If you want to, you can call in anytime: 1-###-###-####.
Or there's a live call Tues. evening (California time) 7:30 pm : 1-###-###-####, Access Code 357136#.
Let me know if you can listen in and if so, when. If you want to listen live on Tues, I too, will try to listen to the call.
You can contact me further or I could mail to you more information. But Mary Kay is definitely something to consider as we are rated the best company for women to work for.
All the best w/ whatever you decide to do.
Take care,
C. Senese ###-###-####


answers from Bangor on

There are some real Legitimate work from home opportunities out there, but the problem is actually finding ones that work and ones that work for you. I am also a stay at home and work at home mom with 3 children. I have also tried 3 opportunities to work from home and they have failed and I did lose some money. I also have found one that has worked for me and it isn't a get rich quick scam. It's something that I work at part time on the internet and its the only one I have found that works. If you are interested at all I'll leave a site in the source section that you can get free information from. I can personally contact you whenever a good time for you is if you have any questions. www.AchievingBigDreams.com



answers from San Diego on

HI S.,

I haven't read your other answers but I wonder if you've heard about It Works? I love this business because it's easy, fun and the products really work so people order and love them! I won't go on and on but will give you my website so you can check it out: www.debidoeswraps.itworks.net. Also, if you're on facebook check out the It Works Global page.

I love that the parties (if you do them) are so easy - all the hosts need are the guests and water (no food, no prep!), people lose inches in 45 minutes and leave happy, happy!

The company has been around for 10 years but it just now taking CA by storm. Check it out and let me know what you think!

All the best,
[email protected]____.com



answers from San Diego on

Two questions: What do you enjoy and what is your why (dream)? It's alot of work, but fully check into each company you are thinking about and fully understand how the biz runs, what is expected of you, and how the compensation plan works. Does the company fit with your life? You received some really great recommendations on questions to ask and things to think about when choosing.

I began a Shaklee business about a year ago and I started with being a product user. I loved the products and I saw results. Shaklee's mission and philosophy also fit with my personal beliefs. Through my Shaklee biz I can earn money, help others (healthwise and financially), and do good for the environment.

Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. We've been around for 54yrs and have a trusted reputation for safety, quality, and efficacy. We are a leader in 6 different markets projected to grow to over $1 trillion in the next 10yrs: green, social networking, home-based business, anti-aging, health & wellness, nutrition & beauty. We've paid out over $5 billion in bonuses, never missing a check, and we've also made a profit in every downturn in the economy during our existence. There is a huge turning in healthcare toward preventitive medicine. People want to get healthy and stay healthy instead of trying to fix their health and we have what they need.

You don't need to carry any inventory and we have products that people use everyday. They just switch to buying from themselves. Our products are 100% guaranteed, safe & non-toxic (our quality control is unheard of), science-based, and earth-friendly.

Our business is based on sharing, not selling. All you need to do is let people know how Shaklee can help them and how you do that is up to you. You can do parties if you like, if not, maybe you like one-on-ones? It's all up to you.

Let me know if you'd like any additional information. Good luck with your choice.



answers from Allentown on

I think one of the ladies on here go bitten by an MLM snake and it has never healed!
A lot of these people have suggested something that is working for them, so why wouldn't they want to share it? Yes, they may make money if you decide to join their team- but that would mean that they have a vested interest in you and thus you can be sure that you would have the help you need to be successful! That is usually why they are reimbursed by a good company for helping others to be successful as well.
Again, I want to stress that not all internet businesses are MLM companies. I happen to work with one that is not, and I'm sure that there are others. If someone is looking and requesting info about working from home or a home based business I will ALWAYS passionately share what I do. Why wouldn't I? I love it and it works for me! Everyone finds something that they love and works for them and I thought this was a place we could share that without the 'labels' and hate that I keep reading in these posts.

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