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Updated on January 03, 2007
P.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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We are looking to buy a new home early next year. We have short listed Irving (with Coppell ISD), Frisco(Frisco ISD) and West Plano(Plano ISD). What i wanted to find out was which of these areas will have the best appreciation in say another 4 years. In Irving we saw homes in the Valley Ranch neighborhood. In Frsico it was the Panther Creek area. And Plano somewhere close to Hedgcoxe, Independence (those are older homes). Any comments about those neighborhoods would be welcome.

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answers from Dallas on

Lewisville/Coppell area is #8 on the national list of the most affordable suburbs to live in. They weighed all sorts of factors like quality of public schools (Lewisville and Coppell ISD are only a little above average when weighed on a national scale), crime rates, parks and recreation, shopping areas ect...
Here is the Link: http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/nov20...

Also Flower Mound is listed as the 9th fastest growing city in the US. (Link: http://www.city-data.com/top32.html)
Lots of neighboring cities (Grapevine, Lewisville, Coppell) are getting the pros and cons of Flower Mounds growth (including home appriciation and slowly rising crime rates).

If you are only looking for a home to live in for 4 years I would go with the Coppell/ Grapevine/ Lewisville/ Flower Mound area. Even with home sales slowing down the growth in the area will be good for many years and the public schools are rated at average to just above average (nationally).
Usually with good growth you get better private schools as well. A few really nice ones have shown up in Flower Mound over the years (Explorations Academy in Lewisville would be my first choice if I didn't homeschool my daughter- http://www.explorationsprep.com/).

Lastly, More school info:
Here is a link to Standard and Poor's SchoolMatters- Texas site. It will give the rankings of schools in Texas and also compares them nationally.


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answers from Denver on

Hi there, we live in the Glenhollow neighborhood in West Plano and really like it. The homes are appreciating.

The elementary school is Barksdale and I belive is one of the higher rated schools in Plano.



answers from Dallas on

I would be happy to help supply you with any of the information you need. When purchasing a home, if you use a realtor, you typically do not pay their fee - so their knowledge and ability to help in this process would be free to you - and save you ALOT of time.



answers from Dallas on

Hi P.,
Frisco is a great up and coming area that will have alot of resale value. I recently lived in Valley Ranch and our Excursion was stolen and found destroyed in downtown Dallas.I'm not too familiar with West Plano. But I have friends in Frisco that love the area and their houses are rapidly appreciating.Good luck with your search.

T. Neill



answers from Dallas on

Coppell ISD is excellent as far as I know (although no kids in it yet), but don't move into the area without doing some research on expected impact of the lake development going on in south Coppell. The city of Dallas owns the area around the lake and has sold it for development. Hundreds of homes and multi-family complexes are planned. So far nothing Coppell can do about it although all the roads feeding the area are in Coppell and Irving, and I believe the whole thing is in the Coppell ISD. It's going to be a big, big issue in 3-5 years that will probably require a bunch of ISD bonds in the next year or so. I'd start by doing an internet search for "coppell ISD" or "city of coppell" and looking for info on the North Lake development. (I think that's what it's called.)



answers from Dallas on

We live in Coppell and love it and have 2 kids in the school district - it's top-notch. Great schools, great town, friendly ppl., very classy. I wouldn't worry too much about the North Lake issue, especially if you are not actually in Coppell - N. Irving. Make sure you get into Valley Ranch Elementary (west side of MacArthur homes) otherwise you will not be in Coppell ISD. Check with your realtor about this. There is some government housing in Valley Ranch on the East side of MacArthur which feeds into the Tom Landry School (Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD) and my daughter had issues with kids fighting in the school. So we moved North to Coppell.

If you are worried about the North Lake issue, go to www.coppellisd.com. They have updates on the issue. The parents of Coppell are very involved in the schools (we've been to 3 different elementary schools in Coppell) and they will make sure our kids have outstanding education, no matter what it takes!!! GO COPPELL!!! :)

Location is also big as Frisco and Plano are also great schools....depends where you work and your AM/PM commute! Coppell is very convenient to the airport, Ft. Worth and Dallas. Good Luck!

(Working Mom to 3 kids - 11 yr. old girl, 8 yr. old boy, almost 3 yr. old boy)

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