Holy Moles!

Updated on January 10, 2012
B.4. asks from Clackamas, OR
7 answers

We have a MOLE problem, strangely enough only in the backyard. I run with our family dog frequently 6 days a week and have noticed the entire block has the same problem. We tried sending some some bombs down the hole last summer and it seemed to work temporarily. They were gone for a few months but a new sub development is being built two blocks over so now they are coming in the HORDES. We have small children and a dog so don't want to do use poison if possible. Have NO CLUE what to do! HELP!

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answers from Jacksonville on

My dog digs them up and kills them, hence they tend to stay out of our yard! We even took her over to my parents house for that reason. She dug and dug and ran around the yard forever, but ended up not catching one. However, the scent of a predator seemed to have worked, mom said that she didn't see one for at least a year after my dog came over.

She ended up getting a lab that did the same thing, mole problem solved.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi baby-

They ARE annoying aren't they? Mine (I have now adopted them as pets...lol) seem to be 'sleeping' for the winter.

I posted this question a while ago...here is the link (I think)...


Best Luck!

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answers from Louisville on

if no dog - the only other option would be to spray your yard to get rid of the things (bugs) in the ground that they are feeding on ... but if your problem is as bad as you say, that may not work due to sheer numbers!



answers from Portland on

Mole Traps from Home Depot. We used to have "The Mole Guy" come out but sometimes he took too long -- and DH got his undies in a bunch when the lawn became swiss cheese. So, DH figured out how to set the traps and we have been pretty successful.

Moles can't help it...they are just looking for juicy worms.



answers from Portland on

We have had construction down our street for awhile now and when it first started, we got tons of moles. We tried the sticks/stakes you put in the hole, not much luck. We resorted to mole chasers or something that emits either a sound or vibration (don't recall), and it worked great until the batteries ran down. Moles came back, replaced batteries, moles gone again. So far the chaser thing seemed to work best for us and our neighbors, too.



answers from Charlotte on

I read this in Dear Ann Landers or Dear Abby many years ago. I would try it if I were you. Put small pieces of Juicy Fruit chewing gum in the holes. Lots of them. When they find and eat them (they like the taste), it gums up their intestines and they die.

No more mole in your backyard, including baby moles and their extended family.




answers from Portland on

I use juicy fruit gum. They like the smell and eat it and it gets stuck in their gullet and they die. Put a piece (unchewed and unwrapped) in each hole. Works (I have done it before) and it is cheap.


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