Holy Dandruff... I Know It Is Snowing Outside, but I Dont Want It from My Head!

Updated on October 28, 2011
A.G. asks from Clinton, MA
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So my med is making me dry, and i am DRY everywhere (when i say everywhere oh i mean it).... so using moisturizing eye drops for my eyes, piling on the chap stick and lotions, the stuff to keep down there lubricated so on and so forth... I bought head and shoulders figuring the commercials make it look like it works... not finding that to be true.. my scalp hurts and is so itchy and flakey, really gross and embarassing.. i hope no one notices my flakiness.. Do you have any other recommendations to help my scalp from the flaking? And I dont really feel like doing a mayonase thing or anything, just a simple shower product maybe?? thanks mamas!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your input! I am on accutane and this severe drying is completely normal for this med, I am just searching for some relief :) I will look for different products and try them, head and shoulders disappointing! thanks mamas!

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answers from Washington DC on

Melaleuca Herbals shampoo is fabulous! My husband had severe psoriasis and this product has made all the difference. Great products for skin too. Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I use Tea Treat Triple Treat Shampoo from giovanni and what I do is brush or comb my hair first so that the flakes wash away. Then, I wash is twice - the second time, I let it sit on my head until I feel the tingle, then rinse. This helps me for about 2 days, then they return. I am 44 with 7 children and suspect that not only my meds, but hormones may be contributing. I am going to start krill oil supplements today and hope that helps my skin overall. I did read once that diet, and especially grains and sweets also play a part. That will be hard for me, since I love both.
Good luck,
your fellow sknow flaker:)

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answers from Lakeland on

I am not sure what kind of meds you are taking, but I have to first suggest. Water, water and more water drink lots of it also take a vitamin E supplement. I use a shampoo that is tea tree oil and mint it also has a conditioner. It helps with dry scalp. I think mayo helps make your hair soft, you could try some kind of oil on your scalp. I am sure the oil might be too much and it will make you hair look greasy.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If you're not already, I would try to get more moisture into the air in your house! Run a cool mist humidifier in your room at night. Boil water on your stove when you're at home. It will help with the dryness of your hair, eyes, lips, nose and skin.
Also, maybe try Selsun Blue. That's what my pediatrician recommended for my son for cradle cap.

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answers from Dallas on

My husband had this problem for years. There is an over the counter shampoo that helped some and then I started selling natural products and we tried the shampoo, and conditioner....... the flaking cleared up and has stayed away. Try natural. Contact me if you would like links.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Acutane makes you super super super super dry. Tea tree shampoos are supposed to fight fungal reasons for dandruff and will dry you out further. You need something very mild and moisturizing. Make sure you shampoo is Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free and butylene free. Most of those are harsh surfactants (strong soaps) to help clean. These will dry you out more as they remove all natural oils from your hair and scalp. There are many places you can buy these. Target for one carries Nature's Gate products (usually by the Burts Bees shampoos), Sally Beauty supply carries "One and Only Argan Oil" shampoos and products, and healthfood stores.

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answers from Charlotte on

Did you tell your doctor what is happening with this medication? Surely he or she can change your meds - this is not some small side effect, with your eyes being affected!

Try that route first, A.. If you can't change medications, I'm not sure that a regular dandruff shampoo is the answer, since your scalp hurts.

I really hope you can change medications. I'm worried about more than flakes for you!


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answers from Boston on

My husband has a lot of skin issues (psoriosis, eczema) and gets alot of flaky-ness from his head too. His case is fairly serious so he uses a prescripion lotion for his scalp but also uses a dandruff shampoo. He says that Head and Shoulders just doesn't do the trick but he really likes Neutregena's T-Gel shampoo/conditioner. I would give this shampoo/conditioner a try! He has tried many different dandruff shampoo's and he thinks this one is the best bar far. You can find it almost anywhere.... supermarket, Target, CVS, etc. Best wishes!

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answers from Washington DC on

I should probably read your older posts/questions to see what medication you are on. however, my gut is telling you to call your pharmacist and doctor TODAY and tell them of these side affects...they may change your dosage or the medication entirely.

I don't know if they still make it - but V-05 is a heavy moisturizing product that you can put on your hair and then wash out.


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answers from Detroit on

Arbonne has all Natural Products, the Intelligence Shampoo works great for Dandruff and dry skin. There is no mineral oil in any of Arbonne's products so everything can be absorbed deep in the skin. Ihad eczema until I started using this shampoo which at the time I didn't even know it would help that. I have PM'd you my web link and other contact info.

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