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Updated on December 14, 2009
O.U. asks from Astoria, NY
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I am looking for a holistic pediatrician in NYC metro area... i've been also looking for a pediatrician whose office has two entrances for sick and well visits though i was unable to find anyone like that... if anybody can help me i would be foreer grateful:)
O. U.

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So What Happened?

hey there! i visited Tribeca Pediatrics after i was suspecting about an infection in my daughter's ear, i didn't wait for more then 10 minutes, the offices was so clean and the advices they gave me over there was really helpful, i immediately changed our pediatrician to Dr. Maja Castillo, Thank you all for your help!

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I love my pediatrician for my 17 month old son. I went through so many and I followed her to NYC even though I live in North Jersey. Not a big deal since I am a former NYer. Her name is Dr. Maja Castillo of Tribeca Pediatrics. They are located all through the city obviously Tribeca and they open a new office in midtown in the Real Birth location as they are partners now. There web site is www.tribecapediatrics.com. I am very questionable on every vaccine my child receives and she always tells me the holistic way to treat a cough that he is going through now. She confirmed what I am using this flu season for him not to get one as I did not vaccinate. She knows I am nursing and is very supportive of that. I nurse when he gets any vaccine. They have a great office with a lot of wood toys and an aquarium for the kids in midtown. The Tribeca office has a separate sick and well section with wood toys. The midtown which I visit does not have one but there is a section for nursing from Real Birth that can be used. I hope this helps. I have referred others from mamasource and have been happy.

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Dr Palevsky is great!
He has an office in Manhattan and on Long Island.
I don't go to him personally but I have a gf that does and I've been to a couple lectures!

Good luck!


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Hi O.
My ped is not holistic but they see sick kids on a different floor than the well visits. The well visits go to the 3rd fl and sick are on the 9th fl. I really love all the doctors in the group (9 total).
Good luck!

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Hello O.:

I am a Holistic Healthcare Provider, specializing in maternity and baby care. I have assisted babies with a variety of health conditions and overall wellness support. I do not conduct blood tests or other invasive methods. My approach is safe and supports the body long term.

If this interests you, please contact me at ###-###-####.

My best,

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