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Updated on December 13, 2010
A.S. asks from Lone Tree, IA
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Another random question that I have just out of curiosity. When you were single (or if you are currently single w/out kids) did you decorate for your holiday(s)? Earlier today I was thinking about when I was living on my own after college, wasn't in a serious relationship, had no kids, etc. I did decorate for the holidays inside but no outside decorating. I had friends and family stopping by frequently so I am not sure if I decorated for me or for them. Probably a combo. I am just wondering how many people who are living alone would bother decorating.

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So What Happened?

I was thinking about this because it was so much easier to decorate back then. As of right now this holiday season I have thrown away and cleaned up the mess of one snow globe. I have glued together two broken evergreen trees. I have repaired one music box. I have righted one downed Christmas tree. I have told the cats at least 470 times to stop chewing one the garland/lights. The outside of my house...lovely. The inside....sigh. My baby pulled the tree down while dad was in the bathroom (she's fine). I banished the tree from the living room. Funny thing: daughter L woke up (I moved the tree at night) in the morning and came to me with her eyes huge and asked "mom, why'd the Grinch steal our tree!?" The look on her face was priceless. Children are fun. But they and the pets break things. My things. Never their things or dad's things. If there is something I really like I hide it in my kid free - pet fee - husband grudgingly admitted - storage room for safekeeping until I think it will survive on the outside. So, yeah, decorating now is totally worth it because of the girls but decorating pre-kids had is own special charm.

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answers from Phoenix on

I didn't marry until I was 30 and I decorated inside and outside of my homes when I lived by myself. I think I did because my mom NEVER decorated when I lived with her, except for the tree, that was it, and I hated seeing all the neighbors houses decorated and ours was one of the few that wasn't. And now that I'm married with kids, we look like the crazy family on the street that has the most decorations and I love it!

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answers from Alexandria on

I have always loved Christmas. The 7 years between leaving the nest, and having a family of my own, there was a tree and decorations in my home every year. Christmas to me is a celebration of the birth of Christ. I never questioned decorating without kids, I just never saw Christmas as a kids holiday.
Though I must admit, as a parent, Christmas is certainly more special watching it through the innocence of my childrens eyes!



answers from Cincinnati on

when i lived with my cousin in an apartment we were planning on decorating for nondenominational winter holiday of your choosing day (a holiday we made up since we were two seperate faiths lol) we were going to decorate a seasonal evergreen, but never had the time to buy one. so after we recieved our gifts from our family in the mail (we lived 16hrs away from them) i took a large peace lily we had in the living room and put lights on it, then i created a plant stake with chopsticks and cut a star our of construction paper and taped it on the stake and stuck it in the pot. then i put our presents around it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

This IS a random question! LOL
I lived on my own for many years before getting married, from about 24 to about 34 (apartments & a house) and I always put up a tree & decorated--in my apartment--wreath on door--in my house--lights outside.


answers from Chicago on

Negative Ghostrider, I do not decorate, probably will not ... I am not a total BAH Humbug however I like the way my home looks as it is I do not need to change it per the season. I may at some point do the tree thing but that was never important to me and if I host the holidays my table settings and such will be appropriate but I do not see the need for more than a wreath on the door and maybe a few well scented candles to put me in the spirit.

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