Hole on My C-section Incision

Updated on July 07, 2010
L.C. asks from Allentown, PA
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I had a baby boy by c-section about 4 months ago... last night, i noticed i had a hard bump under neath the incision. Well in the middle of the night, i got up to use the bathroom, and noticed i had a blood stain on my pajama pants(the part that lays on my waist. where i was cut), when i looked at my incision, it was draining blood and fluids from a pin sized hole. Now this morning i look at the hole again, and its almost as big as a dime. Im scared to go to the doctor because when i had my daughter who is now gonna b three, i had caught an infection on my first incision and i had to be hospitalized for about two weeks meaning, i could not be home with my newborn.... i dont want this to happen again, especially since i am exclusively breast feeding. Any advise anybody?

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So What Happened?

I called to make an appt. with the ob clinic that i go to, but unfortunatly they are closed due to the holiday... so as bad as it may sound, i will just have to wait and make an appt tomorrow.

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Staying home from the doctor is not going to prevent an infection! GET OVER THERE BEFORE IT GETS WORSE!



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GO TO THE DOCTOR ....... this is not something to mess with. You will be gone longer if this infection or what ever it may be is not taken care of now. Now go go go! Best of luck!

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You do need to go to the doctor. I had this happen twice with my first two c-sections. You need to get to the doctor so that you don't get hospitalized. With both of my wounds opening, I was able to receive care at home. A home nurse came each day to pack my wound for several months. In both cases, this did not affect my babies' breastfeeding.

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Umm better to be hospitalized for two weeks then dead from complication. Not to be so harsh but really it's the truth. I just missed the first three weeks of my daughters life mow 8 weeks old. Spend many long sad days in ICU but I survived and so did she. She is now breastfed and bottle fed breast milk and is doing just fine. Don't see why your daughter would now do just as fine also.

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no no no. you must go to the doctor! I am very anti-doctor/ anti-hospital, but you MUST go and go now! I am not an alarmist normally, and I despise those who encourage hospitals for small things, but if this is hard (is it warm, too?) and the hole is growing that fast you need to go now. Some bacteria multiply in numbers at a rate of 2x/ 20 minutes. Don't wait any longer. This could be an MRSA infection, a staph infection, E. Coli infetction, something serious. It is eating your flesh and draining white blood cells (pus) which is fighting the pathogen, from what you describe. Where did the hole come from otherwise? I'm am sure the incision had closed soon after the birth.

I am certain that this is NOT normal or healthy. After four months, some discomfort is OK, but this sounds like a serious infection. Don't wait another second, please call your doctor and let them know you are coming in.

In the worst case if you are hospitalized (they can't make you stay) it is better to be there fighting this than dying at home. I'm not trying to be dramatic, this really sounds alarming.

Please let us know when you're OK. I'll be praying for you.

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answers from Johnstown on

Oh my! Girl, you NEED to get to the hospital NOW. It may be nothing, but which is worse? Not getting it looked at ending up with a serious issue or missing out on a feeding?



answers from York on

Dearly. this is a critical medical attention. Once the skin is open to the air, uncleaniness air comes into body and it can become infectious spreading. Please contact your OB/GYN Dr immediately. Obivous they did a poor job on incision sewing-up. You need to seek some legal action upon surgeron who did a poor surgery progress. Be ensure to check with health insurance to prevent yourself into paying any extra medicine cost in behalf of your Dr's reckless job.
Secondly, you definitely need to be a reliable and healthy mother for your new born baby and other older children. You can seek some help from neighbors, church members or relatives in watching your children in time for your re-construction surgery. Perharps you will be sent to out-of-patient clinic to get it sewn up quick and be home on same day. Please keep In mind, you will need medicine for the pain and still will need a mother helper for your children. I suspect it shoudn't be too much in pain, anyways. Call DR first thing. Be strong for your children, they really need you as a healthy mother.
Mother of three



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Go to the doctor!!! If, God forbid, you died from an infection, you would never see your baby again. At my local hospital, the same lactation nurses who help you get started breastfeeding in the first place also help out breastfeeding moms who are hospitalized because of car accidents etc... They advise the docs about breast feeding safe medications and help the moms keep their supply up if there must be a temporary break from breastfeeding. See if one of your local hospitals does the same.


answers from Allentown on

Hi, L.:
It is scary to notice an opening in an incision area.
Somehow it just hasn't healed. It will be better for you to
have a doctor's opinion vs ours.
The body heals itself especially if there is no infection or
stitch left in there.

It will be okay. good luck. D.


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You have to get to the doctor! IF it's another infection, you want to catch it ASAP so you won't spend a lot of time in the hospital. I had something like this happen to me after my second C but it did not become infected, we caught it early enough and my OB would put some medicine on it to make it heal quicker, which burned but not for long and I'd have to clean it a few times a day with peroxide but that's all we had to do.

I called him almost every day until that hole was gone, it freaked me out so bad and I was also exclusively breastfeeding so I was terrified it was infected, especially when green pus came out but he swore it wasn't and sure enough it healed very nicely after about 2 weeks and you'd never even know it was there.

What's odd about your situation is that it's been 4 mnths since delivery, mine was just a few weeks after delivery when the incision was still healing. So I would definitley call your OB today and get it checked out. It may be nothing and it may be something but either way you're probably gonna need some sort of meds to get it healed up. Good luck to you.


answers from Chicago on

You HAVE to get to the doctor. Don't be scared! They can fix what is wrong, but waiting is scarier! The infection could get much worse. Maybe they'll catch it in time and you won't have to be hospitalized. I had a friend who had an antibiotic-resistant infection in her incision, and she didn't have to be hospitalized, but she did have to be on several different drugs for many weeks.

Go to the doctor now! There is nothing that other moms on this forum could do to help you in this situation.



answers from Allentown on

Oh my gosh! Yeah, you need to be seen! This could easily become much more severe, causing you to be hospitalized for a much longer period of time or worse.
Since you're EBF'ing, your son should be able to come with you.

If it's a simple infection & your doctor gives you the ok, Manuka Honey is fantastic at keeping germs away & even treating Staph & MRSA *(you can buy it at any good health food store)*.

That needs medical attention at once though! Hope everything turns out ok & that it's an easy-to-fix complication.



answers from Houston on

I understand not wanting to go to the ER, but as others have said, some infections can spread VERY quickly. I caught a staph infection on my thumb a couple of years ago and I could practically see the red streaks growing up my arm.

You need to a) call your clinic's service and request to speak with the doctor on call (and go to the ER if they tell you to) and b) be on their doorstep when they open in the morning.

It is silly to be "scared to go to the doctor" because you've had an infection before. What do you think is going to happen if you don't go?

I am also an avoider of the doctor. It isn't usually until my mom gives me a little tough love over the phone that I will relent.

P.S. If they tell you that you can't breastfeed while on whatever antibiotic they may give you, ask for a second opinion--preferably from a pediatrician. Not all doctors are up to date with current research and err on the side of not getting sued rather than giving you all the information and letting you decide about continuing to breastfeed.



answers from Phoenix on

This is not something that I would mess around with, deff go to the Dr. The risk of infection is too great and you would not wan tot put this off and be in the hospital for a longer period of time then before. You may have caught it just in time where all you may need are antibiotics. Please dont let the fear persuade yuo form not getting it checked out by a proffessional.



answers from Redding on

Please go to the doctor right away!
It sounds to me like you had an absess of some sort and it's now leaking.
A dime sized hole in your abdomen is not good.
I know you're afraid of going to the doctor, but I'd be more afraid of not going and things possibly getting worse.
They may be able to give you a course of antibiotics and/or help you get it drained properly.
You could have a boil. I got one that was so bad I finally went to the doctor and found out it was staph infection. That's nothing to mess with especially with a new baby.
Get yourself to the doctor and get this treated before it gets worse.

Best wishes!



answers from Minneapolis on

Call right away and they will get you in right away to your OB office. They will just have you come in for an incision check. Sounds as if you may have develpoed a little blood clot under the skin which has caused it to seperate. If this is the case, it can be drained right away, durmobonded back together and you placed on oral antibiotics. If you wait, it for sure will get bigger, will probably get infected and thus lead to hospitalization. Then and only then are the infections so bad that you have to be placed on medication that is not advised during breastfeeding. Sounds as if you caught it in time and it will be fine. I do warn you; not to wait past today though though. 12 hours can even make a HUGE difference. Congrats on your new baby and giving her such a great gift.
Oh BTW, a good hospital will let you keep your baby even if hospitalized. They all will set you up with a pump if you decide to keep the baby at home while hospitalized. Even though it sounds as if you caught this in time. Good Luck!



answers from Wichita on

I'm glad that you will be getting it looked at. I had an absess (where fluid collects under the skin) in my 2nd c-section. My dr. had to re open it & I had to clean & pack it for a few weeks. If I hadn't done this it would never have healed. It's better to have it fixed now instead of possibly having an infection run a muck though your body.

God bless!



answers from Harrisburg on

This is not usual for c-sections. You must go to the doc right away so you won't get an infection. I'm surprised it's been 4 months after surgery as it usually happens days or weeks later. It's a blood pocket that forms and yes becomes a hole. That two myself and it was hell trying to treat it at home and it's not unusual for it get infected no matter how you do things right. To end up in the hospital would mean you didn't get care early enough. Go to the doc right away to avoid a hospital stay!

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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answers from Denver on

Go to your doctor. If you're hospitalized tell them you will need to keep your daughter with you bc you are breast feeding. You can't control whether it happens again or not, and avoiding the doctor could be risking your life. Just go.

Best of luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I didn't read all the responses, but I had a similar experience to Kim C. After my 1st c-section there was a seroma (collection of fluid) under on part of the incision and it did open up slightly and start to leak. I also had to have it drained and then packed to help it close up. I had very poor healing from that c-section and it ended up taking a couple of months to it close completely. I know that sounds unpleasant, BUT I did not need to be rehospitalized and it never became infected. I did need to be very careful to keep the area clean until it closed up, and I was prescribed a variety of topical ointments and dressings to try to aid in the healing. Other than some extra doctor's appointments, though, it didn't interfere with caring for my baby at all. Definitely get it checked out and taken care of. In all likelihood you will not need to go back into the hospital, but it you let it go it could definitely get worse and require more treatment. Good luck!



answers from College Station on

Happened to me, but it was about 6 weeks after or so I think! Go to the doctor NOW! I was so scared my turned out to be nothing really, but he said it could have been something major and was glad I came in!



answers from Philadelphia on

Please go to the doctor and get it checked out ASAP. You don't want the problem to get worse... (especially if you already had an infection the first time around).

I took had a bump underneath my incision that went away... but- it never turned into a hole....

DO NOT wait until the holiday is over. Go to an emergency clinic.....

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