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Updated on July 10, 2007
K.D. asks from Saint Marys, GA
6 answers

My 4 m/o tries to hold her own bottle. I use the playtex dropins and the bottle is so long that she has a hard time with them. Any suggestions on bottles that teach them to hold on their own?

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So What Happened?

Although the Podee didn't help her hold the bottle, it is a great product. She uses it in the stroller. Looks funny, but helps a lot. I found a bottle at Babies R' Us that she can hold. It's called Elan by Evenflo. She don't like the nipple as much as the platex, but she likes holding it.

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You could try the 4 ounce size playtex drop-ins bottles instead of the 8 ounce, unless that's what you're already using. In that case, disregard this message! Or you could just wait til she's a little older and a little bigger and she'll be able to hold the bigger ones just fine on her own!



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This is what i had done put the baby in the car seat prop the bottle with a blanky sit beside him/her and put his/her hands in place to help hold the bottle and ofcourse burp him when its time. lol it worked for my kids.mom of 4.



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You might try making 2 4oz bottles instead. The smaller bottle is not as heavy. My daughter had an easier time with the smaller bottles.



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Have you tried the little 4 oz. playtex bottles. My son did the same thing. He wanted to hold the larger bottles, but was unable to until there was only a little bit of formula left. He was able to hold the smaller bottles with much more ease.

Mother of 9 month old and 4 months pregnant.



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With my daughter, now 9, I found some playtex drop-in in various other shapes. I found them at ToysRUs. I realize that that was 9 years ago. The lids and nipples fit ALL the bottles, but the shape of the bottle itself was different.

FYI, my daughter's name is K. with the middle initial of D.



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I found a wonderful thing called a Podee. you can only find it at babies r us. it is a bottle with a nipple that is seperated and attached with a tube. it is great. she learned to hold the nipple part in her mouth it worked great in the car and when we were out running errands.
as far as a bottle try a smaller 4oz bottle but at that age still hard.
good luck.

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