Do You Figure Out What Caused Them? Do They Erupt More When Sick?

Updated on November 04, 2013
S.R. asks from Scottsdale, AZ
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My dd has had a cough and cold for the last week. Gave cough syrup just at night so she could sleep the last three nights. The last two days she's had hives which erupt sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day. We can't figure out anything new she's been exposed to and the hives do not erupt right after the cough syrup (which she's had in the past with no problems)

We've thought maybe it was Halloween candy (she only gets a few pieces a day (but nothing she hasn't had before)

I'm wondering if her cough and cold might make her system more sensitive?

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So What Happened?

These are definitely hives...not a rash...they look like mosquito bites.

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answers from Honolulu on

How old is she?

All I know is, when my kids were younger, and had colds and fever..... after a few days they'd get a "rash."
And it was a viral rash.... the virus or whatever it is, leaving the body etc.
Look up "Viral rash" Google search.
But my kids would get it when they had a cold AND a fever type thing.
The Pediatrician was rarely concerned about it.
A generic type rash, thing.
And it went away in time. After my kids were sick.
Rarely causing any itching or discomfort.

Why not just take her to the doctor and who the Doc the "hives" or take a photo of it.

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answers from Wausau on

Colds can trigger hives, as can stress/lack of sleep which is common when your're sick. Medications can also cause it even if there were no problems before, as can foods. There are also environmental factors.

You have many potential causes and may not be able to sort it out. Talk to her doctor to see if it is okay to give her Benedryl if it happens again. Discontinue the cough medicine and candy until her cold is gone.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest these may not be hives. A viral infection, which is often the cause of upper respiratory infections, can cause a rash. What does her break out look like? Hives may be red but are often natural colored raised bumps. They itch like crazy. A rash is usually redish in color are mostly flat and spots spread into each other and if it itches the itch is minor. Mostly it doesnt itch.

If you think it may be an allergy don't give her the cough syrup and see what happens. It is common to be allergic to the codeine or codeine like ingredient.

Often we can get hives and never know the cause.

I would call the advice nurse and ask about this.

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answers from Appleton on

I come from a family that gets hives and we don't know the cause. Sometimes being sick and the fever can bring out hives. The only thing that ever worked for us was Benedryl.

The worst thing about hives is they can form in the throat -- then they become anaphylactic shock and they stop breathing. Talk to her doctor and ask about getting her some Benedryl.

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answers from New Orleans on

We just went thru hives in my 2 yr old. Not fun! Never did figure it out, but I gave him Benadryl and he was better in a few days. Good luck!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I used to get hives all the time when I had a VERY stressful job. They tend to go in cycles, meaning just when you think you got rid of them, they once again ignite.. Yes, certain medicines can make them worse, for me it was Ibuprofen, mind you, when I don't have a cycle of hives, I can take that medicine with no problem... What helped me was to NOT use really warm water on my skin, stay away from lotions .... and at night, use a comforter as oppose to several blankets. Hives LOVE heat and the reason your daughter may have them in the morning is because of having been under the warm covers all night OR in the middle of day as her body warms, like say after recess...
Also, I read that to help regulate the histamines in the body, drink lots and lots of water... that also worked for me..
Moreover, don't use harsh soaps or shampoos...

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answers from Detroit on

When I was little, I would get them in reaction to some viruses. I outgrew it, thankfully. :) Good luck.



answers from Pittsburgh on

See an allergist. Hives can sometimes be caused by an autoimmune disorder. A friend's daughter will break out in hives with temperature changes (hot shower into a cooler room) or even from physical activity in the summer heat. I know her doctor recommended Zyrtec because its ingredients work particularly well for this.

While this may not be your daughter's cause, I think it would be worth yoru while to determine what is causing them s you know how to treat them if this pops up again.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

Probably a virus. Very common to break out when sick.



answers from Washington DC on

Yes, you can get hives as a result of a virus. My daughter has had this reaction. Just in case its not the virus I would start keeping track of what's she's been exposed to so that you can detect a pattern if she gets them again. I would take her to the doctor and give her benedryl to treat and potentially stave off a more severe reaction.

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