Hives with a Cold?

Updated on April 09, 2013
M.M. asks from Round Rock, TX
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My son had a cold with a mild fever the past 2 days, then today broke out into hives. I really don't think it is anything he ate. Has anyone else experienced hives with a cold?

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answers from Boston on

Another thing to consider is whether he has had an allergic reaction to any cold medicine or pain reliever you have given him.

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answers from Odessa on

In our family hives have been a symptom for strep. Actually the only symptom for strep is hives for my husband.

My daughter has gotten hives twice in the last month and it has all been around the same time as a mild fever.

I would contact your doctor for a strep test to rule that out and try to log if he has hives again to see if it could be a possible allergy in case strep is ruled out.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I also get Hives with Strep throat. I recently got sick with a cold last weekend, and I was just normal sniffly, coughing, blowing nose kind, until I went outside. I began having trouble breathing, instant hives, and fever. Ended up in ER and tested positive for Strep. I also had developed Strep induced asthma. STRANGE never had that before. Had to get a shot of roids to stop the hives I was ripping up my face because of them.

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answers from Washington DC on


It's possible that your son's body is reacting to the "stuff" in his body by giving him hives...his body's way of fixing it.

If you have been giving him cold medication - he might be having an allergic reaction to that.

It could be sooo many things. How does his body react to Benedryl? Have you talked to his pediatrician? What do they say?

Good luck! I hope it's just his body's way of dealing with the "stuff" in his body!!

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answers from New York on

absolutely. y daughter would break out in hives with every cold/viral infection. i was told it is because her immune system was not mature. she was less than 1 when this started happening and went on until she turned 5. use benadryl whenever it happens.

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answers from New York on

Sometimes a virus can present a rash. I would have it checked out. Nothing the doc can really do but just so you can have a diagnosis. Strep throat can also present a rash so you have to get him checked out because untreated Strep can be dangerous. Most times rash and fever can be viral.

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answers from St. Louis on

My younger daughter had hives off and on for five weeks. It wasn't anything she ate and really we will probably never know why it happened. Her body was dealing with something and it seems it was successful because it has been over a year and she hasn't had any hives since.

If I were you I would just put a call into the pediatrician just to see if it rings a bell.

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answers from Detroit on

Is it truly hives, or some other kind of rash? When my daughter was 18 months, she broke with a rash once over her stomach and back after she had had a cold - I took her to the pediatrician and they said it was just probably a virus, related to the cold she had just gotten over. I would call your pediatrician about this just to be sure.

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answers from Portland on

Are you sure they're hives? Could be measles or chicken pox or ?

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answers from Chicago on

No, I have not experienced hives with a cold, I suggest consulting your doctor.

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answers from Atlanta on

Actually, this is pretty common. A fever is a sign of infection, and kids may break out in hives in reaction to infection, whether it be Strep or just some little bug they caught off the playground. My doctor described it as kind of an allergic reaction to whatever is causing the infection. Both of my kids have gotten hives as a response to fevers, just as a part of a bad cold. Several viruses also present with rashes that may resemble hives. I would absolutely talk to your pediatrician if you're worried about it. My bets are that the doctor will recommend OTC Benadryl if your child is uncomfortable, and otherwise tell you to wait it out.

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you've been giving him Tylenol, etc. for the fever pretty religiously, yes, they can get hives from that. Happened to our daughter.

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answers from Victoria on

call your doctor right away it could be serious. this is not a normal thing.

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