Hives, Rash, Bug Bites???

Updated on February 25, 2011
A.S. asks from Reading, PA
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I have mysterious red welts on my arm, waist and back. They start out as itchy areas, then they turn into hives, then the next day they turn red and raised up, like welts. The welts are the size of a nickel and sometimes they burn, and other times they itch. I have a four month old and I am breastfeeding. I haven't eaten anything different, and I haven't been exposed to anything new or different either. I checked my bed, sofa and other furniture for bugs and found nothing. No one else in my family is being affected. I went to the doctor today and the first thing he asked was if I have been exposed to bed bugs. He hardly looked at the rash. I really don't think I am getting bit. My cat is on flea medication. And the rash develops throughout the day, it isn't there in the morning. Has anyone had this experience? Could it be viral or hormonal? Please help!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice. I went to the dermatologist and he said that my rash doesn't look like bed bug bites. Hallelujah! I also took my cat to the vet and she was sent home with a clean bill of health. I did opt for the mite injection though, just in case. Still don't know what caused the rash. But, I haven't had any new "bites/hives/whatever they are". My 8 year old has a rash on his face that looks like eczema. So I am thinking he is allergic to the same thing, whatever it is. Maybe dust mites, pet dander, soap? Anyway, it is a mystery that may never be solved.

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I would be totally upset that your dr didn't investigate more!!! I'd be looking for a new dr.

Check your bed again for bed bugs - they will leave SMALL dark spots on the corners and edges of your mattress. they USUALLY bite around the legs - but can get everywhere. If your husband has no bite marks on him - i would think it's not bed bugs..but then again - you NEVER know!!!

Go to a dermatologist and have them examine the rash.

You may have developed an allergy to something because of hormonal changes in your body from child birth (congratulations by the way!!)

Good luck!



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There are websites with photos of various rashes, bites, skin problems, which might help you in narrowing down what your problem is. You can google things like "photos of rashes" or "identify rash" and you will see a low of help there. And there are many websites that help in identifying bed bug bites and clues. Take a photo of the rash when it is burning so that you have good information to bring to a doctor.

I googled this, and believe it or not, there are some women who develop hives and allergic reactions from breastfeeding! There are entire forums devoted to the subject. Apparently, the culprit is certain hormones or chemicals (I'm no scientist) that are released in order to breastfeed, and some women are allergic! You may want to consult an allergist. Try googling "hives from breastfeeding". Many women were told they were crazy and it was impossible, but you may find their stories interesting, and the relief they found when they learned that it is possible is overwhelming!


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check your bed where the box springs meets the railing.. look for dark spots (blood).
you are having an allergic reaction to something or you are stressed out. My mom gets hives when she stresses.
Are the welts all on the same side of your body, use your spine as the guide. If it's all on one side only it could be shingles.



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Is the flea medication new? Have you changed any products (lotions, detergents) or been exposed to something you haven't used in a while? I'm allergic to Neutrogena glycerine dumb is that? But when I was 15 I broke out in such bad hives I had to go to the ER. It really sounds like a contact allergy to me, so think about where you have been and what you have used, even if you used it before.



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it does sound like bed bugs recheck your furniture look for darker spots on the items. It took me getting rid of all my furniture and replacing it to get rid of them when i got them. Thats exactly the reaction i had and have the scars on my arms to show



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Bed bugs (unfortunately) could be the cause. However, I experienced something VERY similar after switching body washes. Even though the one I switched to (I usually use L'Bri Pure n' Natural) was "all natural" it made me break out in hives that swelled & itched like mad.

Do you have any new soaps, detergents, etc.... at all?



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Could be allergy to something you are touching or eating, could be something you have always used, eaten and are just developing an allergy now. It could be a contact allergy it could be you allergic to the bites of bedbugs, which are really hard to find. Like others said, looking in the creases of your mattress to see if you see any dark marks. But if in doubt call in a professional to look for you because it is really hard to find the evidence of bed bugs. Having it develop after getting up in the am makes sense for that, but could be other things as well. I hope you find the cause.

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