Hives, Any Clue?

Updated on January 25, 2011
S.D. asks from Denver, CO
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My daughter has had hives daily for 2 weeks. She does have food allergies. We of course do not give her any of the things she is allergic too. her allergist seems to think it is a virus???????? She was sick with fever a month ago. I will be taking her to another allergist to do some testing. Has anyone experienced hives daily for weeks and it being a virus??? Thank you in advance!

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So What Happened?

I have talked to the pediatricain and they agree with me on being seen by the allergist. I have not changed anything in the house or food wise. She was on Amoxicillin. However these hives stared after she was off of it for about a week and a half or longer. Yes, she is allergic to many things and I double check ingredients constantly. I hope the allergist can tell us something this week!!!

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You know there ARE some viruses that come with skin eruptions (Coxsackie virus comes to mind), but therey're generally short lived, 3 or 4 days. Did the doc actually SEE the 'hives'? Almost sounds like Chicken Pox to me.

Have you tried Benadryl at night? My daughter is prone to occasional mystery hives, usually one or two doses of benadryl clears it up. But it never goes on for WEEKS.

Hopefully the allergist will come up with a solution for you.


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Have you called your daughter regular pediatrician? I have not experienced hives being a virus. However, my daughter also has a food allergy (peanuts) and during a yearly testing at her allergist, he found out she had reactive skin. Basically what this means is if she gets scratched it will swell in the scratched area and resemble a hive. I am the same way. Not sure if this is much help.

Just thought of this. Did you make any changes in your home such as laundry detergent, air fresheners, cleaning products? Maybe something in the air is bothering her.

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answers from Toledo on

Well, depending on what her food allergies are, it could be a case of cross-contamination. My daughter is allergic to peanuts and if she eats anything that is processed in a facility or on shared equipment with peanuts, she reacts with minimum. I would comb over everything she eats with a fine-toothed comb, and contact the regular pediatrician.

J. J

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I've never experienced hives as a virus. However, my son developed hives when he was about 2 years old a couple of weeks after taking Amoxicillin. He had never been allergic to it before and had taken it for ear infections when he was a little younger. According to his doctor, children can develop allergies to medicine even if they never showed a reaction before. When your daughter had a fever, was she taking drugs for any reason? Maybe she developed an allergy to something she wasn't previously allergic to? Benadryl cleared my son's hives right up and of course he was no longer taking the Amoxicillin. Good luck!

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It can be a virus-yes and it can be the Amoxicillin-even if she was done and even if she took it before-u can develop an allergy at anytime. And just bc she is done with the amoxicillin it is still in their system for so long after they are completed.
I know because I went through this when my 5 yr old DD who at the time was 3.She was done taking Amoxicillin for an ear infection and she had a follow up w the ped-when she woke that morning she had a few hives on her-so the Dr. rec giving her Benadryl every 6 hrs and said it would get worse before it got better which I kinda knew, But BOY! We were not prepared for what happened-her feet swelled and hands they turned purple-she clouldnt walk her joints swelled-so we ended up in the ER 2 nights in a row-she was referred to a rheumatologist bc they thought she may have had juvenile arthritis and some other things and we had to have her tested for allergies-after all the scaring they did to us and all follow up appts it turned out to be a severe reaction to the Amoxicillin which we knew and she also had some type of viral infection. SoI would call the ped and get the correct dose of Benadryl and it will clear! GOOD LUCK! L. :)

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This happened to my nephew. He went to a holistic practitioner who said his body had so much yeast inside, that this was the way of showing overload. It was amazing. He gave him supplements, and after battling hives for a week, they totally went away. It's a thought.

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We are currently in the process of this with my son. His allergist is great. I can send you his info if you want. Anyway, acute hives (1-6 weeks) or chronic hives (6+ weeks) usually starts with a virus, usually an undetectable virus, and is not related to allergies, although tends to be more prevalent in people with hives. The best thing you can do is a high dose of antihistamines (zyrtec, allegra, etc.). We are doing about double the usually dose of Allegra. You can also add zyrtec. Doing the Allegra has fixed it for us. We haven't used Benadryl since starting this almost two weeks ago. Before that we were using Benadryl at least 2-3 times a weeks, and sometimes everyday. Wednesday, I can call, and we'll back down on the Allegra, and keep doing that until we are off and the hives don't come back. The doctor said in kids, usually chronic hives don't last more than 12 weeks max. We're almost at week 8, but haven't used Benadryl in a while. Our allergist said testing in kids doesn't usually show anything, so he prefers not to put the kids through it (saves money, too). If we can't back down on the allergy medicine soon, he'll do tests, but it shouldn't be needed. My son has been happy with what we're doing for now. Anyway, hope this helps. Hang in there. Our doctor was very reassuring that it has nothing to do with what we were doing, or changes in our house. GL!

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When she got her hives did she scream? My daughter is allergic to penicillin, the first time she got it, not really bad, but then the second time she got amoxicillin she started screaming and broke out in hives, she wanted to be held, but couldn't stop screaming, I put her down, she kept screaming. I rushed her to the ER and found that she was highly allergic to penicillin and that what she was feeling was like having a hive of bees attack her.

A little boy I watched was on amoxicillin and he broke out in hives but not pain and was found to be allergic to penicillin as well.

There is also a disease where kids get hives and rashes called hand foot and mouth disease which is highly contagious, but it doesn't sound like she has that.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Have you changed laundry detergents?

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answers from Washington DC on

What about new lotions or shampoos? My stepson recently discovered that he can't use shea butter products.

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