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Updated on December 04, 2012
M.N. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My daughter breaks out in hives when she gets a fever. Has anyone ever heard of this..We think she has an allergic reaction to fever.

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answers from Kansas City on

I used to get hives when I got in a hot bath. I liked the water too hot probably and would get hives all the time. Not good. I think there is something about the body heat that can cause them. I would check with the doctor but as suggested I would give Benedryl if the doctor doesn't think she needs further checking.

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answers from Washington DC on

a fever and hives are both signs of an allergic reaction. My son used to get this until we figured out his allergy trigger.

I have not heard of a fever causing hives. I would talk to your pediatrician and/or an allergist. Also, start a food journal where you write down everything she eats, drinks, or touches. This will help you see any patterns.



answers from Los Angeles on

I've gotten hives from a hot shower before. Or after I exercise. I've read that hives can break out when there's a dramatic temperature change in body which a fever would qualify as I suppose.



answers from Victoria on

hives with fever usually means something else not just a fever. ask her doctor just to make sure it is a reaction to the fever.

i would believe it. i had major food alergies as a kid. if i ran around outside and got too hot i would break out in hives. makes since but just to be sure i would contact the doctor.



answers from Las Vegas on

Hives do like heat..and therefore, the fever could definitely being fueling the hives on... Whenever I have gotten hives, which can take awhile to run their cycle (for me, several months) on and off.. I drank lots of water to help flush out my body.. Additionally, I limited any medications as in my case, it seemed that asprin could provoke the hives.. as can sugar and a myriad of other things. Also bear in mind, STRESS<<<< that is what really did it for me... so yes could be the fever does aggravate the hives and vice versa. Don't forget, being physically sick is a form of stress on the body...
I found Hives to be a vicious cycle... you may have noticed that they become worse at night? For me, it's when I was snug under my covers that the itching would begin.. why? because of the warmth from the blankets.. Therefore, I had to make sure I was using ALL cotton sheets, light clothing and when bathing, the water could never be really hot... more like tipid.. By doing all of the above, it helped soothe the hives and they eventually went away..



answers from Dallas on

I would have her checked out by the dr and see what they say. I know my oldest gets a rash from fevers but not hives. My youngest is the only one that's had hives and it was not with a fever.



answers from Waco on

No such thing as an allergic reaction to fever. Fever is your body's way of fighting off something that is going on. You definitely need to consult your physician.



answers from New York on

It does happen with a fever. Some kids have febrile seizures! Keep bendaryl strips handy - they melt in the mouth. It will probably pass one day. It is strange what kids react to. My DD at age 1 got hives from fresh strawberries. My son at age 5 got them from a chocolate chip cookie he got for snack in his afterschool program. We challeneged him with the same cookie brand a week later and the same thing happened! Strange!

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