"Hit and Miss" Toys from This Season

Updated on December 30, 2008
E.T. asks from Euless, TX
7 answers

So what were the big "hit" toys this Christmas and what were some big "misses" for your kids?

Our hits:
for our 3 year old son was the Thomas Action Canyon train set and Scooby Doo haunted house board game.

for our 6 year old daughter was Mrs. Goodbee's dollhouse

Our misses:
pixos - maybe we started them at a time when we had little patience, but it was the starter set and it was a pain filling the pen with those little pixos and also trying to fit in on the template.

There's still some that we haven't opened yet so hopefully those will be hits too! I was just curious for future toy buying what you guys liked/didn't like!

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answers from Dallas on

My 7 year old really liked the 15 webkinz that she got, as well as webkinz clothes.
Our 14 month old really likes the bounce and spin zebra from fisher price, but isn't interested in the drop n' roar dinosoar, also from fisher price.
My 7 year old likes the hannah montana panties that I got her, but got mad at me b/c I let her open them in front of her dad. lol!



answers from Dallas on

Hits: My 5 year old loves his Planet Heroes! I got him almost the whole set and it went over a lot better than I ever imagined it would. The other hits were all 6 StarWars movies, the Clone Wars movie and the Clone Wars tent.

Misses: The few StarWars figures he got (VERY SURPRISING) and the Batman figures.



answers from Dallas on

Hits: My Challenge Sports (similar to Wii game and much less in cost...perfect for a 7 year old), Cyber Notebook by V-Tech, and the traditional game of Sorry. He loved the books he got as he is a reader and got some of his wish list books from his aunt and uncle and from me.

So-So Hits: acoustic guitar...he really wanted electric...Santa wanted the acoustic :-), Karoke Machine...he loves the microphone and is not much on the singing portion ...I hope the singing comes quickly as I am tired of the isle 4 jokes he is making. LOL!

Miss: not really anything so far except for maybe the Pokemon Guess Who Game... Mom doesn't know anything about Pokemon so the game isn't too much without at least two of the players knowing something about Pokemon.



answers from Dallas on

Hits - My 6 year old son loves the basketball goal and basketball. He also loves his Trace and Draw Projector as well as the calendar I got him. I opened the calendar and wrote in every important event for the whole year. That was one of his favorites last year, so he liked that again. He also loves his Razor scooter that Santa brought.

My 4 year old likes his play hunting rifle from Cabela's (my in-laws are hunters), the bike and helmet Santa brought, and the Handy Manny TV and radio that you can take apart and "fix."

We've also loved playing the games Snorta and Zingo they got. I also got them each a photo album that I've been filling in with pictures all year. They love to look at mine, and now I don't have to panic when they turn the pages roughly! :)

As for misses, probably the Disney Scene It. It's harder than we expected especially when Daddy plays and knows next to nothing about Disney movies. It'd be lots of fun if you had more people who knew a lot about DIsney movies. We're going to play it New Years Eve with my nieces, so maybe that would be more fun. Also, that Spider-man figure that transforms into a motorcycle. My 4 year old loves to play with it, but it's driving me nuts transforming it. I'm not very good at those things so I get frustrated!


answers from Dallas on

No misses so far! I am SOOO lucky! lol

What they loved best:

3yr old LOVES the Handy Manny Tool Set.

7yr old had her room made over... pink paint, new curtains, etc. total hit!

10yr old, $100 bucks. She had no requests, so she just threw a number out there to see if she could get it.

All of my kids got a Prayer Circle Friend from Santa (like a Build A Bear but from Family Christian store and stuffed at home) and I am surprised that they all loved theirs more than anything else they got! And they have the real ones! Interesting!



answers from Dallas on

Hi E.,

Our hits:

For our 4 year old son it was the Transformers Electronic Arcade Jet and a set of large sized Dominoes (to set up huge row and push over). He also wears his new Camouflage Mammoth Crocs with TCU Jibbitz constantly.

For our 3 year old son it was the SmartCycle with Dora cartridge, Diego Crocs with TCU Jibbitz :-) and the Fisher-Price Barnyard Basics Moo Bowling.

Our misses:

Break the Ice and Ker-Plunk because my 4 year old is too hard headed to play correctly but gets mad at his little brother for playing like he should. They have already broken the following stocking stuffers… Paddle balls, Flash Lights, 2 Whoopee Cushions and they broke their craft table while setting up a lunch party with plastic food.

We are re-naming the day to "Who can break what first"!

Merry Christmas,



answers from Dallas on

Hit- for my 6 year old he loves his PSP and bendaroos. my 2 year old likes to push her new baby stroller

miss - blendy pens..the commercials make them look way cooler

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