Hip Click in Toddler?

Updated on April 29, 2010
J.B. asks from Fairfax, VA
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Our daughter is 13 months old, and when she was 3 months old they heard a hip click. She had an ultrasound done on her hips, and the ultrasound was normal and they ruled out hip dysplasia. At 9 months I heard the clicking again but only at certain times (like night time before bed). I took her to the doctor and they did the Barlow test, and the she passed that test. My doctor told me she just has clicky hips or ligaments, as she is growing so fast. I am now hearing the clicks or a snap again. Has anyone else experienced this where their toddler has 'normal clicky hips'? She is walking normal, no limp and almost running and climbing on things. From what I have read children with hip dysplasia would show a noticeable limp or have trouble walking. I am wondering if she should get an x-ray done?

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If doctors and tests and her gait say her hip is fine, then probably her hip is fine. I have had noisy knees all my life and it probably has contributed to my old-age osteoarthritis ( I'm 60- btw), but it didn't hurt me a bit. My 26 year old son has very lax joints, which crack all the time, but he functions normally. I think we sometimes over-analyze as concerned mothers, and the modern-day trend to perform medical tests at the first sneeze doesn't help. You did the proper things by consulting a physician, and you had some testing done. You can rest easy knowing that her history will have that recorded for future reference and that you took the necessary steps.



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I would have her checked by a chiropractor. It could be just misaligned which you would want to get fixed before it could potentially cause more problems.



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Have you considered having her checked by and orthodepic specialist?


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I'm not going to be of any help and I have never heard of this but saw that you hadn't gotten any responses yet so my first thought is to get a second opinion. Good luck to you!

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