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Updated on June 24, 2008
J.D. asks from Blue Bell, PA
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We are traveling in a few weeks to California and will be doing Disneyland. We went last year but only with my daughter...I was waddling around the parks 6 months pregnant in the dead of summer. I am planning on bringing our stroller/car seat combo with us and using the stroller in the park. I am trying to minimize the amount of items that we are bringing, hence bringing only the single stroller. My 7 month old son loves the Bjorn Baby Carrier that we have and I was planning on using it when my 3 year old wanted to sit in the stroller but he is pushing 15 lbs now though and it is beginning to strain by back and neck. Has anybody ever used the hip carriers by Playtex (I think it is called Hip Hammock) or any similar carriers? What are your thoughts/experiences with them? Thanks so much.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I used a back pack with my sons and a sling with my youngest also.

The Kangaroo seems like a good fit.

Have you ever considered a simple ring sling? Guaze would be great for a trip like that. And with a ring sling and a wrap, you can move baby from hip to front, or put them on your back.

My vote is a Gauze, silk or light cotton ring sling or wrap. :)

We had a sick kitten who we were feeding through a dropper for days. We took turns carrying her. My youngest had her on his back for a while.
and one in the front http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v242/eapoosmama/IM00083...

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.

I haven't used the hip hammock, but immeidately thought disney would be the perfect place to use a back pack. I think most models are suitable for that age range and might be a good option for you.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.,
I have the Playtex Hip Hammock and I love it. It really distributes the child's weight nicely. The only drawback is its not easy on/easy off... but I think its well worth the $30 I paid for it.

Best regards,



answers from Philadelphia on

I love the Kangaroo Korner sling www.kangarookorner.com You can use it on the hip or front. I actually just did Disneyland with my 3 month old and used it. I was able to use it with my now 2 year old until he was about 1 and a half. Have fun at Disneyland. Oh by the way, spend the extra money on the park hopper, they have a great section for the toddlers at California Disney that Disney does not have.

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