Highschool Boy Graduation Gift

Updated on May 20, 2010
B.M. asks from Arlington, TX
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Any ideas for high school graduation gift for a boy? I know there's always the gift card or cash, but I'd like something more useful. He's going to college. Something for his dorm?

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answers from Dallas on

Laundry baskets are always good...a roll of quarters, laundry detergent, laundry basket. Towels with his name on it (so they don't get misplaced), new school supplies, yes, he probably has some, but it's nice to have a new highlighter, pencils, pens, folders, sticky notes, etc. You can also do a robe or shower wrap. Also a toiletry bag, and you can always put toiletry's in it like toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, shaving cream, razor, etc. Remember if he's going to college, he'll be traveling, so he may not have a bag for his toiletries, hanging bag for clothes, suitcase or duffel bag. I do embroidery so I usually do something with their name on it. Let me know if you want me to add a name for you! www.institches.biz

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Two gifts I really liked when I was a graduate (well, I didn't like them but they came in handy). I got a toolkit and a medical kit. On the dorm hallway, I was very popular move in day because I was the only girl with a hammer and nails for girls to hang up their pictures and put together their TV stands. I figure as a guy, he could be popular with the gals!

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answers from Dallas on

I do like the gift card idea, but if you are looking for a "solid" gift, you could give him a flashlight to "light the way" or a multi-tool kit that might come in handy for setting up a dorm room-hanging pictures, connecting computer equipment, assembling shelves, etc. and a tape measure for all kinds of stuff.

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answers from Phoenix on

when i was going to move out i needed all the cash i could get and to be honest a gift card, while it seems not personal, is a great choice. you could also go with things you think you might have needed when moving out such as, depending on your spending allowance, a computer, a cell is a must, running vehicle properly checked like oil changes etc, perhaps cooking tools pots pans etc, why dont you try asking what do you need help with? or what would you like?

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answers from Los Angeles on

My brother is about to graduate, and I got him a sweatshirt and key chain from his school. Every college student loves to sport their colors, so if you are on a budget I would browse his school's bookstore online and see what you come up with! (Also, then he can exchange it when he gets to school if something doesn't fit.)

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answers from Hartford on

that is hard bc you dont really know what he will like/need. when i was in college i spent a ton on books and would have liked a school bookstore gift cert (but you dont know it if is covered in fin. aid or anything) I would have also liked a card for food at the local places to eat so I did not have to live of of cafe food. or maybe a gas card to pay for gas on the way to work...i know this is all kinda boring, but useful.

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answers from Austin on

Our daughter went far away for college so she asked for Visa gift cards, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best buys and Apple gift cards.

She was saving up for a top of the line lap top. She was given enough money and gift cards she was able to purchase exactly what she needed with all of the programs her school provided.

She was able to purchase all of her dorm things up at school, so we did not have to ship any of it..

She was given a nice digital camera (we love) so now we can see photos from school..

Please avoid scrapbooks, picture frames and photo albums.. Our daughter has not even used a third of these that she received and she is going to be a junior in college in the fall..



answers from San Francisco on

I am making a birthday gift for my almost 18-er.
It is a binder with simple recipes he might want to cook---tacos, BLTs, chicken wings, etc., with cooking tips included.
Some of it is not so much for a recipe, but for ideas of things to cook or make.
He's not the most motivated of teens, so I'm trying to make food easy for him in a way that he can keep the binder with him down the line, and add to it later on if he wants.



answers from Chicago on

our standard for this is a laundry basket (I always get a small square or round one not a huge rectangle) fill it with the following. Big bottle of laundry soap, big box of bounce, big bottle of shout or spray and wash, one of those tide stick things for small stains, a package of hangers, a laundry bag (if you look online you might find one with laundry tips on it I got them on ebay) a small mesh laundry bag to put delicates in. and a roll or two of quarters. This is something he will use thru the school year at college.



answers from Tulsa on

I agree with the food and gas gift cards and cash. or something they can use in a dorm blankets(if they don't go to college they can use it in thier apartment) clock, body wash deodrant, space savers, toothpaste all the boring but necessary things in life. when my son was away at school he had limited space and all had to fit in a small area so travel size things make a big difference. clothes boring but we all know they are needed and they won't have the money for these when they first move out. wether its college or an apartment. :) wallet, watch, pajamas if he is going to college. and laundry baskets that fold up when not in use. to transport clothes to laundrymat or your house what ever. microwave if they can have one in a dorm or if they are getting an apartment necessity. restricted space makes christmas and birthdays a nightmare so we did a lot of gift cards so he could buy what was needed along the way. his cash could go for fun. Cell phone. calling cards.

think about what would you need if you were in his/her shoes. What was the hardest to buy when you were moved out on your own at first. that is what he needs not necessarily what he wants but he will appreciate it. Mine was begging for gift cards when he was away at school. sonic cards and wal mart the ones he wanted the most.



answers from Houston on

C'mon now!!! COLD HARD CASH!!! Thats what boys like....come to think of it....girls too!!!! :)
My nephew graduated and I found myself in the same "what do I get him, spot".....C-note...100 bucks...saw buck....its the right size, color and makes him happy!!! 18 year old boys dont want "nick-nacks"....they want green!!!
If you are that content in getting a present, wrap it up in some dough....that will put a smile on his face!!!



answers from Dallas on

It depends on how much you want to spend and how close you are. I always send a check to children I do not know well. I make the check for the year they graduate. EX this years graduates will receive $20.10 and next years will get $20.11. Every child can use a refrigerator and a microwave. Gift cards for food places are great too, ex pizza hut, McD's, Olive Garden, just check on line to make sure there is one where he is attending. I also like to give gift baskets put items in a laundry basket and include detergent, towels, dryer sheets and a roll of quarters. A small trash can with desk supplies, a first aid kit and a sewing kit. A large plastic container with paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins, and food that can be stored on the shelf and prepared in a microwave, they have great soups, pastas, and desserts that my son lived on for weekends.



answers from Dallas on

Money...money....money. I am speaking from experience. ha I have an 18 yr. old boy about to graduate and have a daughter that graduated from HS in '06. Gift cards are nice too but did lock them in having to shop at that specific place (unless it was an Am Express, etc). Graduates just need that money to help with all the extras that come up on a daily basis, especially if they have not found a job yet or are not going to work while attending college. (My son and daughter both work and have all through HS and college). Believe me...money is VERY useful and they appreciate it VERY much! :)



answers from Dallas on

Cash is the most useful thing you could get a graduate. I appreciate that women are sentimental creatures, but not the typical high school boy. I do like the tool kit idea for a dorm room, but I don't like the bulky cases that they are usually packaged in. I'd consult with a handyman father, uncle, grandfather, etc. on what basic hand tools are essential for starting out. Then go to Sears and stock up. I think a small tool box is good, too.



answers from Tyler on

I live in a college town and hear and see a lot about the students. Money is always in short supply. They wait until they get here and go to Wal-Mart and load up on all the stuff they need for their dorm rooms, etc. Many have partial expenses covered, but need money to buy books, notebooks, etc. You can't go wrong with either a gift card or cash!

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