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Updated on March 22, 2012
C.W. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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I wanted to see what the average length of homework is in HS. Right now my 8th grader has about 2 hours a night depending on if teachers other than the math teacher gives homework. I had been told it was an average of 1 hour per class of homework. My mom told me I was crazy lol. Thanks

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I called the AZ board of education and was told there are no guidelines. I will have to contact the school after spring break to find out. I hope Im wrong about the 1 hour per class. ;)

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I teach on-level and AP English (11th and 12th grades), and an hour per class of homework sounds like a lot. At our school it varies by subject. It also varies depending on what we're doing. My AP kids have homework almost every night, and most of them have more than one AP class so they have homework in their other AP classes, as well. If it's just an average night, my AP students probably have about 30 minutes of homework, maybe a bit more if they have additional reading to do. If they have a project to do, it may be more like an hour, but when I assign a project I give them a week or more to do it, so they can manage their time however they like.

My on-level classes have much less homework. Many nights they don't have any homework. Generally what I do is assign work in class so that I can help them with it. The stronger students get finished in class, and don't have any homework. The average students have a little homework, and the weaker students have a bit more. None of them should be overwhelmed by it. I teach in a school where virtually all of the students have jobs, and many of them are helping to pay bills and care for younger siblings. I want them to learn the subject matter, but don't want to burden them more than necessary when they have so much on their plates already. Many of my students are parents themselves, too.

This is probably much more than you wanted to know. Sorry.

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answers from Kansas City on

It really depends on so many factors, including their own time management.
If they have a study hall or free period could make a difference. If the teacher gives them a few minutes in class to work on things. The number of core classes and intensity of the classes. My daughter (a junior at a private college prep school) is not taking any AP classes but has doubled up on her math (Calculus and college level Business Finance) AND her foreign language (French 2 and Advanced Spanish Topics) as well as English, History, and Physics. She does not work, but does play a varsity level sport.
She is very focused and uses her time well. She will also work ahead if she knows the assignments. Having said all of that, I doubt she would have an hour per subject, ever.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think that expecting the kids to work on school work for 14-16 hours per day is rediculous. I think if enough parents said no that someone would have to step in and say enough.

When I was in a Stake Young W omens presidency we had so many monthly meeting where the local leaders did not have any youth attending church on Wednesday evening because they were at home doing 4-6 hours of homework every night. They couldn't even have part time jobs to earn money for college. That is so wrong. I think that homework is a waste of time anyway. IF the teachers can't teach it in an hour they need to rethink how they teach the subject.



answers from San Francisco on

I can't imagine it's 1 hour per class - that would be about 5 - 6 hours of homework a night. Not enough time for all of that.

I think they try to keep it at 1 - 2 hours per night.



answers from Washington DC on

Depends on the classes. My sks do a lot of HW, but they also have AP classes, honors classes, and advanced math. It also depends on the teacher and the course. My SS had a rotten Calculus teacher so not only was he doing a lot of HW, he was being tutored and attending study groups.

I'm trying to think back to SD's freshman year....probably 1-2 hrs a night....but could vary.



answers from Washington DC on

For an AP class I would expect that. Some kids take AP classes starting their Freshman year. For a math class, higher level math classes can be brutal if you are not "mathminded".
AP Physics, my daughter gets 4 to 5 problems a week. It takes her hours to do one problem.
AP English, research papers every week or two. Plus a culminating project.
She has huge History books to read on top of her regular History textbook. So probably an hour or two of AP Human Geo reading a night
For language classes, Spanish and Latin, and non honors or non AP classes then she has brought home very minimal homework. Usually the teachers give her time in class.

She has a decent gpa, not straight A's. She could apply herself more. She was on the swim team this winter

So 4-5 hours a night is what we are used to. Reading takes much longer, she usually has her English book, the next one is the Awakening, so she'll have that read the day she brings it home. And her History reading, the book we have now is Guns, Germs, and Steel.

This is one of the reasons I homeschool my 5th and 8th graders.


answers from Phoenix on

According to our principal, its 10 minutes per grade. So 8th grade would be an hour and 20 min. Good luck.

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