High Definition Ultrasound

Updated on January 21, 2009
L.A. asks from Temecula, CA
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I am wondering if anyone has ever had a high definiton ultrasound. I recently had a Quad blood test and one of the tests came back low. The risk was very low. The worst outcome could be spinal defects known as spinal bifida. Of course I'm sooooo scared and just want more information on what to expect. I'm of course just praying for the best and hoping that my blood was just a little off.


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answers from Grand Rapids on

The triple and quad screens are notoriously inaccurate. Something like 60% right? The screen will tell you out of x number of women what the likelihood is that you are the one that has a baby with a genetic defect. It does not mean that there is anything wrong. Your age and other factors can influence the test. The only way to know for sure of a genetic defect is amnio.

I had a quad screen with my first and the test came back with a very high number - meaning that my chances were very slim there was anything wrong. The Drs didn't even say anything about it because it was considered normal for a 26 year old. My son was born with Down Syndrome. I had many ultrasounds and nothing was ever detected. With my second I never requested the test knowing that even if it came back "negative" it didn't mean anything. I have heard soooo many stories about the test being "positive" for a defect and people worrying like crazy only to find out there was absolutely nothing wrong. I think it causes a lot of unnecessary stress and shouldn't be used.



answers from Detroit on

Hi, Congradulations on your soon to be. about 17 years ago - in Denamrk - I had the same test done for the same reason. They took 2 blood tests in case the 1st was high by mistake and the next was even high. we could choose between the super ultrasound and an amnio. we chose the ultrasound and it reassured us greatly. I never did find out why the blood tests came out as they did, but he did not have spinabifida. he did, though, come real early and has diabetes. I have always wondered if there is a connection but have nothing to justify it. Good luck to you

J. and family



answers from Detroit on

I don't know what your feelings are about amniocentesis, but if you want to know for sure about your fetus, this is the definitive test - what they call the "gold standard". I have had two (for advanced maternal age over 35 years) - my experience with both was positive and gave me peace of mind. If the results of an amnio will not be useful to you then don't do it, but for me, knowledge was power. If you do get one, make sure you have a maternal fetal medicine specialist who has done tons of them perform it. The new data on amnio shows that they are much safer now than in the past, because they are done under ultrasound guidance. With an experienced practitioner, the risk of a poor outcome from the procedure is extremely low. Good luck with your pregnancy!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I just had my 4th baby this week, and went through this with her, only with high levels indicating possible downs syndrom. We did the genetic counseling and the high def ultrasound, and they didn't see any any problems, but they also said it can look n\ormal on the ultrasound, and still be having the syndrome. So I ended up doing the amnio as well just to be sure, because if there was a problem, with 3 children already, I wanted to make sure that I was prepared if need be. The high def ultrasound though is just like the regular one, only you don't have to drink all the water, and they have a 4D image. You can actually see exactly what the baby looks like! It was really amazing. Try not to stress too much, like someone said, the quad tests come back false positive for things well over 60% of the time. The best thing you can do, is to relax, so if doing the test is what is best for you to do that, get it done. If it isn't, then don't. Don't let anyone bully you into doing, or not doing something that you aren't comfortable with. Good luck!



answers from Saginaw on

UGH! I honestly don`t know why they haven`t stopped this test--or at least come up with a better-more accurate way! I went through the same thing with my middle child! It said he most likely had spinal bif. It was wrong-I didn`t worry about it either! Cause I knew 3 out of 5 were wrong! I had an ultra sound dont -3 because I was 35--and it was all fine! Now he is a healthy 8 yr. old.

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