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Updated on June 06, 2010
P.P. asks from Brookfield, IL
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We had a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders high chair for my first son and it's a great high chair. We're using it again with my younger son (in a new home) and we've now got a problem - it doesn't fit around our kitchen table very well. Either we can't get to the garbage can on the side with the high chair, or my husband can't breathe on the other side of the table. (Moving the garbage can is not an option, as there is nowhere else to put it.) As it is, we can't access the cabinets behind the high chair without moving the high chair to the middle of the kitchen. Our table has a pedestal base and has a "lip" under the tabletop - both of which prevent us from pushing the high chair in. I'm sure there are high chairs out there where this would not be an issue. Can you recommend any for us to look at?

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answers from Jacksonville on

After five kids I realized I do NOT need a highchair taking up prime realestate. :)
This go round we are getting a seat that you can use from infant to toddler.



answers from Chicago on

We had a highchair with our first too but I gave it away because we have a very small condo and our dining room is also our computer room and there just wasn't room. We got this for our second and just strapped it to a kitchen chair:

It's great, easy to clean. He's 2 1/2 now and we use just the bottom portion as a booster. Once he started eating more table food we just took the tray off and pushed him up to the table, and then when he started getting a little big for it I took the back off.



answers from Los Angeles on

Stokke http://www.stokke-highchair.com/en-us/

We saw them in Germany about 8 years ago, before they were super popular here and we LOVE them. They match our table perfectly and my MIL buys us one everytime a child is born. Our almost 8 year old has no interest in giving his up. It just keeps growng with the needs of the kids. I'm fully prepared to send them off to college with them, as they change into a regular chair.

We've never bought any accessories and the chair is worth it's weight in gold.



answers from Houston on

I am a minimalist when it comes to baby equipment. I used an ANTILOP chair from IKEA. The legs snap right in and are fairly easy to take off if you want to pack it away. The tray (sold separately) takes a couple of weeks to loosen a bit and snap in out our readily. I like that it was very easy to keep clean...no crevices. It is also just a bit lower than other high chairs on the market. My table has a lip, as well, but had no problem scooting my daughter as close as needed.


answers from Barnstable on

So I am a small baby-business retailer and get the inside scoop on a lot of cool things (some stuff would make your head spin!). I do not carry this line (yet) but do love it: http://www.keekaroo.com/

Think Stokke, but at a fraction of the price :)

I had the strap-on high chair seats that attach to my dining room chairs, but my son was unable to get his chunky legs under the table tray part by 18 months. And I had TWO kinds - same issue with both.




answers from San Antonio on

I just used a $15-20 booster chair that straps on to a kitchen chair. We never even owned a high chair. Inexpensive and can scoot up under the table.

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