Hi Everyone My Name Is C. and I Am 21 Years Old

Updated on March 14, 2017
C.C. asks from Wren, OH
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I was recently 5 days late on my period then I suddenly started and it was super heavy and I was having horrible cramps, then the next day I had little to no bleeding at all I'm just worried that there could be something wrong, or if there is still a chance that I could be pregnant. I took an at home test a week before I was late because my boobs were super sore and sensitive, extremely emotional cried about the littlest things, felt thirsty all the time and started using the restroom more then I normally do but the test came back negative which I figured it was way to soon anyways. My husband and I have been trying so I didn't know if this was something to be concerned about or if there could be a chance I am pregnant. Any advice would be appreciated thank you

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I would visit the Dr, and they can help you much more then we can. Since their are different possibilities or guesses we could give you for this , it's best to find out what is actually going on. This will give you much more piece of mind.

Hope things go well.

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Hey girl :)
Okay so, definitely ask your doctor. I know taking prenatals if you're trying to get pregnant is super good for you.. but personally I wouldn't test til over two weeks after a missed period and I would also test in the morning as your hormones will just be stronger An more detectable for some pregnancy tests (some are better than others). That's just random things I've learned. I'm 24 and I have a daughter and my partner and I are considering trying in the feature. Definitely don't over think anything ☺️ Talk to your doctor or even an OBGYN. And make sure your body is healthy !

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Thank’s for your question Courtney.

Just as a friendly reminder per Mamapedia Guidelines:

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Everyone is so different, and maybe of the "symptoms" you are describing are also symptoms of having your period. The best thing you could do is call your doctor.

Most likely, it is too early for actual pregnancy symptoms. Most women don't have classic symptoms until they are several weeks along. (Note, I did say most, not all). It shouldn't be too early to take a pregnancy test, but you never know.

Call your doctor. The nurse will ask all the right questions to determine if this is nothing (other than a wonky month) or something that should be looked into.



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Repeat the pregnancy test after about 48-72 hours. I have had a negative pregnancy test when I took it too soon and I was pregnant.
Each test has a different sensitivity, some can detect lower levels of HcG.
You also may have just a severe case of PMS. This can mimic pregnancy symptoms.
The other possibility is that you had an early miscarriage. Many women don't even know they're pregnant and they think it's just a heavy period.
Usually, with heavy bright red bleeding, it's either a period or an early miscarriage. Most pregnancy spotting (like implantation spotting) is darker and just very light.


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test before the bleeding started was negative, then bleeding? i suggest taking another test in a day if its negative your not pregnant. and will have to try again next cycle.

since your trying to get pregnant you should probably meet with your dr to make sure your body is healthy and can support pregnancy, she will tell you what next steps to take to ensure a healthy pregnancy and can recommend a prenatal vitamin for you.



answers from San Antonio on

I would suggest you get a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is a great book that explains how your body works and how to help you get pregnant or keep from getting pregnant. It explained things to me no health class ever had or pregnancy website, etc.

I was about 6ish weeks along before I felt any symptoms and boy did they hit with a vengeance. Morning sickness that was actually all day long sickness.

I do know the timing for everyone isn't the same but having a baby at 21 is still very very young so you guys don't have to rush. Enjoy being married just the two of you guys for a while...this is what helped cement my marriage, was having a few years just the two of us before we had kids. We now have two and will celebrate our 21st anniversary later this year.

Get the book and take another test in a few days...or even today if you want to test they are super sensitive (well the ones that detect pregnancies before you are even late) the dollar store ones work good you just have to wait until you are actually "late".

Good luck!! and don't rush, children are forever...I can't imagine being my age now and already having kids in college...and I would if I had started at 21.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Please make an appointment with your doc to get this checked out. You might have been pregnant but if the pregnancy test showed negative them it might be something else.


answers from Norfolk on

See your doctor.
When I got pregnant (we had to do IVF) - I was convinced it didn't work - I had no symptoms and didn't have any till I was about 2 months along.
I didn't really believe I was pregnant regardless of what the blood test said until I heard the heartbeat.
This is something that's different for everyone.
On the other hand - some women have all the symptoms - and are not pregnant.
There's such a thing called hysterical pregnancy.
Plus there are any number of other conditions that can make your hormones out of whack making you feel horrible and making it difficult to get pregnant.
A doctor can really help you figure out what is going on.


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Hormones can cause all kinds of period issues so your best bet is to check with your gyn and put your mind as ease. Better to find out its nothing than to worry about everything Dr Google says it could be.

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