Updated on March 24, 2012
P.J. asks from Paragould, AR
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Please Help, My mother use this and i have used it too for yrs, until i can NO longer find it, it can be used for almost anything you can think of. It is called - Hexsol - I use it for cleaning , on cuts, washing, you can even take a bath in it.
I think it was used in the medical when it first came out in the 50's.

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I would be most grateful if you could Help!

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answers from Portland on

Irene's link takes you to the disinfectant cleaner called Hexol, which my mother used generously throughout my childhood. I think I developed a sensitivity to it, though, and it would always give me sick headaches. It has a very sharp, clean odor from a high concentration of pine oil. I hope you use it with care around little ones.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love Hexol. My mom used it when we were kids. Although I hated it when she would put it on cuts. Try Orchard Supply Hardware, thats where I used to find it at. =)

Here is a link for product info, just in case anyone was wondering...

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answers from Dothan on

I think you are referring to, Phisohex (?) if so, tho' I haven't used it in years I believe you can still get it...ask your local pharmacist...hope this helps!

From the looks of other mama's posts looks like I was wrong! Sorry...but if the Hexol is too potent, the Phisohex works wonders for cleaning owies & acne...Sorry I didn't help much... :(


answers from Kansas City on

It sounds almost like a Pinesol. I would be afraid to bathe in it but it did say to put your feet in it in the link below from Irene W.

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