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Updated on July 22, 2010
L.K. asks from Lockport, IL
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After a consultation this morning, the orthodontist recommended the Herbst appliance and braces to correct my 10 year old daughter's dental issues. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions or experiences, good or bad, with this type of treatment. It just looks so invasive, and she is already apprehensive about getting braces in the first place! Are there any proven alternatives to this device?

According to the orthodontist's website, the Herbst appliance " is a tremendous tool for eliminating an “overbite” especially in growing children. When used at the right time, typically just before a major growth spurt, dramatic improvement to the bite, alignment of the teeth, the smile and jaw line are made. The patients gain so much confidence from all of this change but EARLY detection and well-timed use is the key."
Thank you for your input!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your input everyone! We have decided to seek more opinions before starting any treatments.

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i haven't heard of this but braces are looming on our horizon, what is it??



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I don't know much about this specific appliance and I don't know where you are located, but I work for a general dentist (Leix Dental) in Lakewood, IL. We refer patient to Hoffman Orthodontics in Crystal Lake. Dr. Hoffman is awesome and does free consults if you are looking for a second opinion. Good luck!



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I think the Herbst worked wonderfully for my daughter. She had an over bite, buck teeth, and damage to the roof of her mouth (soft palate plates that grow together by the time you are 18) from sucking her thumb. Not only all that, but she had a weak jawline (jaw set back too far, and again needed to be fixed by the time she was 18). We had to make minor adjustments from home on a weekly basis with a small crank in the appliance. She never really complained about any pain, even after the adjustments. If she did, it was never more than Advil/Tylenol could handle. 3 years after the small hardware store in her mouth including the braces, her teeth are perfectly straight, and the lines of her face are more symetrical. The other answers seem to have had worries with the ortho/dentist office. I love my dentist/ortho and knew we had a lot of work ahead for my daughter, but it was all worth it to see her smile now!



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My Step Daughter has one. We had one consult that said they could do the same thing with rubber bands, but that meant she had to consistently replace them on schedule for long period of time. We opted for Herbst because it didn't require her to remember anything. She got used to it over a couple of weeks. Her teeth hurt for several days and she talked funny, but she eventually adjusted. She did not require any headgear for hers.



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I would get a second opinion before doing anything. With my daughter we went to Associated Orthodontics in Plainfield & a Herbst was recommended. My husband & I were not impressed with that facility/orthodontist at all and definitely both came out of there with the feeling that everyone there "needs" a Herbst from comments made by the orthodontist. By the way, the Herbst is an extra $500 at that facility. A friend of my daughter's from her Girl Scout troop had gotten braces & a Herbst recently so I spoke with her Mom. They also had went for consultations at a few orthodontists & found one that they liked - Innovative Orthodontists on Route 59 in the Plainfield/Shorewood/Joliet area. We went there for a consultation & were very impressed. We ended up using Innovative Orthodontists, my daughter (who also had an overbite) does not need a Herbst there and is making wonderful progress with her braces/overbite. Both of those facilities have other offices but I'm not sure if any are in Lockport. Good Luck and I hope the process is an easy one for your daughter!!

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