Herbs During Pregnancy

Updated on February 19, 2010
L.C. asks from Chesapeake, VA
9 answers

What herbs did/do you use for pregnancy? How did/do they work for you?

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answers from Norfolk on

My feet and ankles were swollen my last trimester, and it was pretty uncomfortable! I finally bought some peppermint oil, and lotion to rub on the swollen areas, and it worked wonders! I also drank peppermint tea for tummy troubles. The tea was also helpful after my daughter was born. If I ate something that bothered her (from breastfeeding) I would have some tea, and it didn't bother her as much. I also had some issues with slow milk production, and used herbal supplements to help ( mothers milk tea, and more milk plus). Hope this helps;)

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answers from Washington DC on

Not really a herb, but I used to boil water with a couple of tablespoons of barley in it, then drain and drink the solution (an Indian remedy). It acted as a diuretic and alleviated my horrible third trimester swelling.

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answers from Washington DC on

What are you wanting to use the herbs for.
I have a comprehensive list of herbs that are safe and those that are not safe for use during pregnancy and nursing.
Be aware that homeopathy and herbs are 2 different categories. Many people lump them together.
If you are wanting teas to drink that are herbal, red raspberry, nettle, lemon balm, red clover are all good choices and are safe.
Please feel free to email me back if you want more info.
L. M
HypnoBirthing childbirth education and birth doula services for moms in the MD,DC and Northern VA area.

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answers from Washington DC on

I stayed away from herbs because I heard a lot of them could be dangerous...even though they seem natural, your baby could get too much of something and cause issues....I just took my prenatal vitamins, DHA pill and iron for my anemia....however, a teaspoon of cod liver oil is ok and could actually be good for baby (but not more than 1 tsp) and it helps with constipation that iron pills can sometimes cause. I would still ask my pediatrician about it though. I am taking it now that I am breastfeeding and it seems to help a lot.



answers from New York on

Are you looking to get pregnant? I don't think we understand your question...


answers from Washington DC on

use for what? there are literally THOUSANDS of herbs. in the mints alone there are many that help you relax and sleep, and others like pennyroyal that are potent abortifacients.
that question is way too vague.



answers from Tampa on

My prenatals have herbs in them I am still nursing and still taking them 2 years later. They help even out mood and hormone issues and I love them. They are made by New Chapter organics called perfect prenatal , and I beleive they are. My doctor recomended them to me, she took them during and after both of her pregnancy's. Look them up at iherb.com or vitacost.com for more info.



answers from Chicago on

if you are pregnant, be careful...there are a lot out there that cause miscarriages that don't say it on the labels (and my OB didn't know about) - do a lot of research to be safe.

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