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Updated on September 28, 2010
E.W. asks from Cleveland, OH
4 answers

Been searching through the internet to find a good vacuum cleaner. I have children with many indoor and outdoor allergies. We just replaced our carpeting with hardwood floors. I had a Riccar upright which I loved. The internet is saying the cannister is a better choice. One site said Air storm but I saw the price was $1000. The one site said the Air Storm was pretty tight and does now blow dust around. SO any of you moms with allergic kids hace any luck with what kind of vacuums?

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answers from Kansas City on

we got a dyson, my husband has a dust allergy and it has been really good for us.


answers from Rochester on

I like my Dirt Devil Express Vac with a HEPA filter, but do not use it on hard floors. My youngest has asthma and, while our home needs frequent vacuuming (we track in a lot and have a cat) he does not seem to have any problems from the environment and I never notice dust billowing when I vacuum. The only downside with the Express Vac is it has no hose attachments, so I do hope to add or replace it with another Dirt Devil upright with hose attachments, which usually work well on hard floors. I paid less than $50 for the one I have at Sam's Club a few years ago. Generally, the more expensive the better with vacuums, but if you find one with a HEPA filter, a warranty, and a decent price tag, give it a shot and don't hesitate to return it if you are not satisfied with it.



answers from Cincinnati on

I have a Dyson and I love it. It isn't $1000 either! Although they aren't cheap either they are really nice vacuums. There are different models to choose from so you could check them out on their website. They have a filter that you never have to replace, you take it out and clean it every six months or so.



answers from Huntsville on

My mom & I both love our Kenmore canister vacs. I think they usually run about $350 at Sears. They have a HEPA filter and other features, including a "pet mate" for vacuuming furniture & stairs.

My parents have a large house with 3 indoor dogs & her vacuum is still doing great after several years of well-use!

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