Hemp Milk for Infants

Updated on October 16, 2012
E.H. asks from Franklin, TN
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I am looking for an alternative to my 5 mth olds formula. He is on nutramigen AA due to a milk allergy. I am thinking about trying Hemp milk and adding infant liquid vitamins so he gets everything he needs. Anyone have any experience or other alternatives?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice!! I have researched a ton on formulas and vitamins...!!!! Some of the recipes you all sent were things I have already looked at...like the weston one (think I might try this one). After all the research, you can't beat the advice from other moms, so thanks! I will let you all know what I end up doing. ...I have done a lot of research on soy as well-it's not a good thing. When soy is processed, it releases phytoestrogens which are not good for infants, especially boys. If you are using soy, I would def. do some research to make sure that is the best choice for you and your baby. I gave hemp milk a test try...my son didn't even like it so that counts that alternative out anyway. I am trying goats milk next.

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I have heard that goat's milk is the next best thing to human milk. I did a search on google for "alternative to infant formula" and found a lot of useful information. Here's a link to make homemade infant formula that looked very good: http://reliableanswers.com/med/homemade_baby_formula2.asp.
I wouldn't recommend using hemp milk as an alternative, but there are other alternatives to use. And as always, make sure you check with your pediatrician before you switch to something like this. Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

I don't think hemp milk is suitable for 5 month olds, although once he's older its great.
I would go with the other suggestion- goat milk. No lactose and a lot easier to digest than most formulas. Double check with your pedi though.
Good luck.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi E.,

Goat's milk is closest to human breast milk. Hemp milk and almond milk are the next that I would recommend. If you're thinking about adding vitamins you need to research thoroughly. Some have the "right" amount listed but some of the nutrients might be in the wrong form or could even be absent in the absorption process. Basically, just because it says it, doesn't make it true. Make sure you get them from a pharmaceutical grade health store (not just a pharmacy or a GNC type place). The difference could be long term!


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I've heard great things about goat milk for allergies to dairy in cow's milk. I am also researching about hemp because it is one of the most vital things. It can be made in to clothes, milk, foods, diapers, paper, many many many different things. I did much much research on animal milks, and what I found is that humans, ALL humans, should not drink milk. It was never intended for us and causes many problems in younger children and the elderly. Although you can start your child on real milk by the age of one, the milk from animals develops the skeletal system, as apposed to breast milk, which develops the brain and all the healthy chemicals the brain needs to be healthy in the future. Breastfeeding is the best thing for your infant, however, if it is not possible, I wouldn't recommend infant milk based formula, or soy. Soy raises estrogin, and high levels of this hormone has been known to cause cancer. Hemp formula has much more vitemins and minerals than any other formula out there, and it helps to develop a healthy mind. Hope this helps, but animal milk is not for babies, it is for that specific animals baby!


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Is your child's pediatrician okay with this suggestion? Have you spoken with him/her over other alternatives? Have you done any research on this?


answers from Asheville on

It took us a year to figure out that one of my twin girls was allegic to cows milk. (we used a 'gentle' formula, it was the only one that she didn't throw up every day) When we finally saw a Dr. that agreed with us when we said that we didn't think it was reflux, she suggested goats milk. Our local health food store put us in touch with a local goat farm. We get fresh unpasturized goat milk and give it to both girls now. It is the closest thing to breast milk in nature. (no chemicals, no additives)
Cows milk and goats milk have two totally different proteins so if you are allergic to cows milk you will not be allergic to goats milk. (Although they both have lactose so if your lactose intollerant they have pills and liquid drops to combat that)
Good luck and let us know how it goes.



answers from Louisville on

try soy it helps alot of kiddos with this problem!



answers from Boca Raton on

my daughter is a great with being able to take hemp milk she is four months she still is breast fed but i am giving her a great source of other nutrients . If you do give your infant hemp milk make sure that's not all your giving them they either need formula or still to be breast fed! but i think hemp milk is really okay past 6 months and healthy but my daughter at four months is able to hold the hemp milk and it's really nice that she can! even her doctor said if she likes it and she is able to take to it and has no negative effects it's perfectly fine.
But moms have to remember every kid is different so don't try what i said without your child's doctor approval first well its best to really ask the doctor what suitable for your child that usually does the trick if there are any allergic issues or the child don't take well to well they are already taking.

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