HELP!....Took Clomid While Pregnant!!!!!

Updated on February 04, 2012
J.S. asks from New York, NY
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I took one cycle of clomid,then got what I thought was my on the third day I took the first pill of what was to be my second cycle of clomid. The very next day I found out i was already pregnant!!!
I have been terrified ever since.....cant sleep,concentrate,etc....all I have crossing my mind is what birth defects I might of accidentally caused!
I need advice from anyone who can relate to my story or went through this as well

thanks in advance,

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So What Happened?

my son was fine...I was worried my entire pregnancy though....sorry it took years to let everyone know the outcome...I truly had forgotten what site I posted on!!!!

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i dont think it will be a problem. i was never told by my dr that i couldnt take it while pregnant or to be very sure i wasnt pregnant before taking the next months dose. one pill probably didnt do anything. call the dr today though just to put your mind at ease and ask what he thinks about it.



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Hi J.S.
I was just wondering how things turned out for you? I have found myself in the same boat and am worried like crazy. My doctor prescribed Clomid on day three of what I thought was a period (had cramping and brownish discharge which is normal for me during a period). He didn't suggest any sort of pregnancy test before he prescribed it (I had taken an over-the-counter test two weeks prior which turned up negative). After I took my first 50 mg. dose I had this instinct to take another pregnancy test just to be sure and it was positive. I took another pg test and it too was positive. I immediately called my doctor and was told how Clomid is a category X drug that can cause birth defects (so now he tells me!!!!) It sounds like I may be about 6 weeks along and it's hard to be happy and excited when I'm so worried what harm I may have caused this baby we have been waiting for so long. I really would like to hear from more women who have experienced this & how things turned out. Thanks.



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I totally relate to you. I was on my last pack of pills then had my period. My husband and I had sex while I was before the day I was suppose to start on my new pack. I did not realize I did not have anymore. I then had to make a new appointment to get a new prescription it took several days to get the appointment. They gave me a pregnancy test it was negative so they renewed my prescription. I took the whole months worth and my period never came. I found out I was pregnant 7 weeks. I now have a healthy two year old. The only complication I had with my pregnancy was he was turned the wrong way (feet first). He has a little bit of delay in talking but it is mostly because of being able to get what he wants without talking. We have been working with him more and he is starting to say more words. I hope this helps you to feel better. Just talk to your doctor about it, they will let you know if there should be any concerns.



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At this stge in the game, it wouldn't even touch the baby! I had an xray and took meds with both my younger 2 and they were just fine! I would just take it easy, worrying too much will have worse side effects then the meds right now !



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I was on clomid for many cycles and found that with any questions I had, talking directly and immediately to my R.E.'s nurse or the R.E. made all the difference. I would call them as soon as possible, it will ease your mind no matter what their reply is. If you don't feel comfortable talking with your doctor, then I can suggest a practice that is wonderful and would be happy to take your call.

Good luck,



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I am freaking out as well. I took a round of clomid. My conception date was around the 21st of December and I started taking clomid on the 6th of January. Found out I was pregnant on the 30th of January. Did everything go OK, JS?



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Relax. The same exact thing happened to me. I got what I thought was a period. So I starting taking 100 mg of clomid to try to get pregnant. I went in for the ultrasound to see if there was a mature egg and to my doctor's and my surprise, I was pregnant. I was scared to death that I hurt the baby by taking clomid. Let me assure you that my now 14 month old daughter is perfectly healthy and is advanced for her age. The clomid is just estrogen. Your baby will be fine.



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I would take a deep breath and relax! Congratz on getting preggo! YEAH finally!! :-) Been there, so I know what you went through. You only took 1 cycle during pregnancy, I think it's for those that continue to take it. If there are already issues and problems with the baby, then it won't make it through, you will most likely miscarry. So unless you are cramping and bleeding, stop worrying, this child will be fine, so long as you stop worrying. That can cause other issues. Call the nurse and let her know. Someone put you on the clomid, leave a mssg for the doctor and tell them you are concerned and to call you back ASAP. They will tell you that you are fine, I am sure of it.

During the few weeks that we don't realize that we are preggo, we do things, like have wine, take meds you aren't supposed to during pregnancy, and do things preggo women aren't supposed to. This is the time our bodies protect the baby and then we find out and stress, trust me I did my fair share of worrying too. My daughter is fine!
God will protect your baby! Stop worrying so much, and be happy that you are pregnant!
God bless!



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I did the same at the advice of my ob/gyn's nurse to take Clomid with spotting (since day 22 progesterone showed I did not ovulate...yet). It turns out I took 50mg of clomid for 5 days in the early days of pregnancy. I'll try to post how things turned out in the future. Thanks for your post and the responses.

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